Forbidden Love

Student teacher relationships will never work out. Or will they?


4. Chapter 4

I sighed and turned around. "Uhmm i need a ride." I said irritated that I didn't think about this before.

"If you wanted to spend more time with me all you had to do was ask." He said grabbing his coat before walking over to me. He walked out the door motioning for me to follow him. I rolled my eyes but quietly followed. I wish i didn't have to get a ride from him. He kissed me! Well i kinda enjoyed it... the way his soft lips fit perfectly with mi- Wait wait wait! What am i thinking he's a teacher! I can't be thinking about the kiss we just had. I was to entranced in my thoughts that I hadn't noticed we were now in the parking lot. There weren't many other cars in the parking lot. The ones that were there, were probably the teachers that like to stay late and some janitors. Eventually we had gotten to his car. When I saw what he was driving my mouth fell open and my eyes widened. His car was parked in the parking spot right under the street light so it acted like a spotlight on his amazingly shiny car.

In front of me was a sleek black Camaro with black rims. It looked magnificent. I walked towards the passenger door and carefully opened the door making sure my bracelets didn't touch the black beauty. Once the door was open i put in my backpack.

"Are you going to go any slower grandma?" Mr. Tomlinson said raising his eyebrows at me.

"Sorry it's just that this is an AMAZING car and I don't want to scratch it." I said blushing before getting in the car.

"Don't worry you won't scratch it this car is actually bullet proof." He said nonchalantly. I was speechless. How can a teacher who's 22 have a bullet proof black camaro??

"Your probably wondering how I can afford this car right." He asked looking at me.

"Well yeah. I mean your only 22 and a teacher." I said.

"Well you see.... It is none of your business how i can afford this car." He said laughing. I frowned and crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why are we still here anyways?" I asked looking out the window.

"Hmm i dont know maybe its cause I have no idea where you live." He said sarcastically.

"Uhmm its on the same road that I ran into you so if you just take me there i'll tell you which house it is." I said blushing. He nodded and drove out of the school parking lot.


He drove like a maniac so it only took ten minutes to get to my house. I practically dived out of the car. I almost kissed the floor in relief that I made it alive. Mr. Tomlinson got out of the car and followed me to the door.

"Excuse me but wha do you think you're doing?" I asked.

"I'm gonna introduce myself to your mom." He said.

"Uhmm you can't do that..uhmmm...she's not here." I said lying.

"You're a really bad lier." He said before knocking on the door. I sighed and waited for my mom to answer the door.

Finally I heard footsteps and the door open. "Madison where ha-. Why hello." My mom said fixing her hair looking at Mr. Tomlinson.

"Mom this is Mr. Tomlinson he is my new teacher." I said walking inside.

"Hello Mr. Tomlinson my name is Nora." My mom said shaking his hand.

"Please call me Louis and I just came to drop off Madison. She volunteered to help me unpack after school and she needed a ride home so I offered." He said smiling.

I scoffed. Volunteered? As i recall i was forced against my will and he didn't offer me a ride I asked.

"Well since you went through all the trouble of dropping her off why don't you stay for dinner." My mom asked.

I groaned causing them to turn around.

"What's wrong with you?" My mom asked.

"I just remembered I have a ton of homework. So i think I will skip dinner and go do that instead." I said about to walk upstairs.

"Oh no you dont young lady you will eat dinner with Louis and I. After all it's good to become friends with your teacher." She said grabbing my arm and dragging me to the table with Mr.Tomlinson close behind. I could hear him chuckling. I really hated him. Well the chicken is ready so Ill go get that.

"So this is your house huh? It's nice." He said looking around. I nodded and looked down at the table.


Dinner was awkward. Well for me at least my mom and Mr.Tomlinson or Louis were having quite a nice conversation while i just sat there eating my chicken.

"Okay well are you all done so I can wash dishes?" My mom offered I nodded and handed her my plate.

"Norma it's alright I'll take care of the dishes since you invited me into your home and prepared this lovely dinner." Mr.Tomlinson said taking the dishes from my mom.

"Well thank you. Well i'm going to sleep so it was lovely meeting you Louis, Madison help him." She said before heading upstairs. I groaned and grabbed the rest of the dishes from the table and took them to the sink.

"Your mom is lovely." He siad washing the dishes.

"Yeah she's great."  I siad drying the dishes and putting them away.


"Well I better go. After all there is school tomorrow." He said while walking towards the door. "Seeyou tomorrow Madison." He said winking at me." I blushed and closed the door.


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