Forbidden Love

Student teacher relationships will never work out. Or will they?


2. Chapter 2

I must have dozed off because the next thing I knew I was being shaken awake by Amanda. 

"Wake up were here." She said getting up.  I groaned and slowly got up.

"Welcome to hell Madison." Sam said laughing. I smiled and playfully rolled my eyes. There in front of me was Westfield High School. I walked to the front of the school and walked inside. Followed by Amanda. 

"Do you know where Harry is?" I asked Amanda. 

"I think he said he'd be by the cafeteria." She said walking towards the cafeteria. There just like she said was Harry.

Harry, Amanda, and I have been best friends since third grade. We tell each other everything. Harry has bright green eyes and thick curly hair. He is also really tall. 

"Hey Harry. How was taking the bus all by yourself?" I said.

"It sucks." He said frowning. Harry recent;y moved out of our neighborhood and into another one. Thank god he still goes to the same school, but it still sucks not having him as my neighbor.  

The bell rang and we walked to class it was English with Mrs. Meyers. She is a small old lady with a hunchback. People say she looks like a dinosaur. I can't help but agree with them. I hated that class. It was so boring! All she did was talk through the whole block. She also has this unhealthy obsession with Lord of the Rings. If you wanted to waste a whole class period just ask her what her favorite character is and she'll go on and on. Luckily I had it with Harry and Amanda so it wasn't completely boring. 

We walked in and sat down in our usual seats in the back corner. Mrs. Meyers was trying to tell us what we were gonna do today, but everyone kept talking so she eventually just threw her hands in the air and hobbled back to her desk giving up. I actually felt kind of bad for her. 

"So Harry how are you and Kimberly?" I asked looking at him. 

"uhm... we actually broke up yesterday." He said frowning. I looked at Amanda and our eyes widened. 

"What! Why? You guys were so cute together." Amanda said shaking her hands around crazily. 

"Just because people are cute together doesn't mean their gonna be together forever." I said looking at Amanda which stuck her tongue out at me making me laugh. "So why did you guys break up?" I asked looking at Harry. 

"I caught her kissing Ian under the bleachers-." He said. 

"What a slut! What were you doing there anyways?" I asked taking out some candy from my backpack. 

"uhmm... I don't know. Going to football practice maybe." Harry said sarcastically. 

"Just cause you broke up with Kimberly doe-." I didn't get to finish what I was saying before Harry cut me off.

"I didn't." He mumbled. 


"I didn't break up with Kimberly she broke up with me." He said "You didn't let me finish the story. When I found her under the bleachers I was heart broken. I couldn't believe she would do that to me. I walked up to them pulled Ian away from her and punched him in the face. She gasped and was about to say something when I cut her off. I told her i'd look past what happened with her and Ian. I wanted to stay with her, but she turned me down. She said she was in love with Ian and that we should break up. I couldn't believe what she had said. So i left skipping practice all together." He said sighing. I could tell he was hurt. 

"I'm sorry Harry." Amanda said frowning. 

We were in the middle of a conversation when Mrs. Meyers came over. 

"What do you think your doing?" She asked sassily. 

"Talking to my friends." I said unsure of what she was asking. 

"You know very well Ms. Smith that there is no eating in my classroom she said looking at the candy on my desk. 

"Oh i wasn't eating that." I said lying. 

"Are you lying to me? I just saw you eating it." She asked pursing her lips and put her hands on her round hips. 

"Well your eyes aren't what they used to be." I said matter of factly a smug smile appearing on my face.

Her eyes widened in surprise. "Disrespecting a teacher. That deserves a deten-." She was cut off by the bell. I grabbed my stuff and quickly hurried out the room making my way to my next class. My next class was Principles of Architecture and Construction. That class is fun if your into wood shop and architecture. Which I want to be an architect so that class is pretty fun. Although the only people I talk to in that class are Lauren, Daisy, and Mario.   


It was time for lunch. I got to the cafeteria and went straight to the table to put my stuff down. I didn't feel like eating today. NO i'm not anorexic i'm just not hungry. I was then joined by Amanda and Harry. 

"Did you hear?" Amanda said running up to me. 

"Hear what?" 

"We have a new teacher for Theater and supposedly he's really hot." She said jumping up and down. New teacher? What happened to Ms. Fertig?

"Why are you all excited? It's not like you can have a relationship with him. He's a teacher and that's against the rules and illegal." I said getting out my homework I didn't finish for Math. 

"SO! Finally this school gets a good looking teacher." She said getting up. 

"Where are you going?" Harry asked. 

"To get lunch." She said skipping away. 

"Did you hear about this teacher before Amanda told me?" 

"Yeah all the guys were saying how the girls were all acting really strange." He said rolling his eyes. 

"Wow he must be really hot then." I laughed. At this time Amanda came back with her lunch.


It was now fourth block which was theater. Every girl in my last class was talking about the new teacher. It is now time to see what all the fuss is about. I was the last one to walk into the classroom so I expected the teacher to be there already but he was no where to be found. All i saw was a bunch of giddy girls and annoyed guys. I walked to my desk and sat down. 

"Are you excited to see him?" Amanda asked. I looked at Harry and he was quietly chuckling. 

"Meh." I said opening my backpack trying to find my candy. She sighed and went back to talking to a girl who sits in front of her named Margaret. They were jumping up and down in their seats talking about the new teacher. 

I heard the door open and footsteps. I wanted to look up, but I was fighting with my candy. It must have not wanted to be eaten since it didn't want to come out of my backpack.

"Hello class my name is Louis Tomlinson, but since you are my students you must call me Mr. Tomlinson" I then heard a familiar sexy British accent say. I looked up quizzically. He was writing on his name on the board so I couldn't see his face. When he was done he dropped the marker and turned around. My suspicions were correct. The person standing at the front of the classroom was the handsome man I couldn't stop thinking about all say.  I gasped causing the man and everyone to look at me. His eyes widened, but only for a second then a smirk appeared on his face.  


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