Niall's Princess

In this story, your Name is Kaitlin. You self harm due to bulling, depression, and your father abuses you at home. You eventually meet one direction and fall in love with Niall Horan <3


5. Well...

"I guess i could be better. But i feel horrid for making him feel that bad.. I just wish he would listen to me!"

"I already did, well not you.. Niall he told me what happened and I was kind of listening when you were crying in the room..." Harry said.

"Well now you know.. I'm truly sorry and I cried for hours over this, I know how horrible you must feel, I felt this way once, when I was fifteen, I thought this guy loved me and we dated for a little while, then I found out he was cheating on me, with my ex-best friend... It kind of feels the same, right?"

"Yeah, except we weren't dating. Anyways, I hope you and Niall work out together!" He said hugging me.

"Thanks," I said, "You will find the right girl, that girl must not be me though." He smiled and agreed, I felt a lot better that he doesn't feel horrible anymore! "Okay love, Lets go down and get something to eat!" Niall said, he's so sweet. I really do love him. I'm really happy that we are drama free at the moment. I really hope it will stay that way, for a while... I'm happy I packed so much because I was going to be on tour with them for a year and a half. "Love, do you want to go back to the hotel?" Niall asked planting his lips on mine. "Yes, I would. Just let me tell Aunt Cher good-bye, okay?"
 "Okay, I will go start the car!"

I ran down to Chers room. "Cher? are you in there?" I asked knocking on the door.

"Come in!"

"Cher! I have to leave, I love you! I need your new cell number so I can call you later, okay?"

"Okay! Love you too dear! Here take my card, call me when you need me, anytime, day or night. I swear you call that number before anything, okay?!"

"Okay, Mother!" I said winking at her.

"Alright, love you very much!" She hugged me and kissed my cheek good-bye. I ran out to the van with the guys all waiting and Louis was driving, Air was in shotgun, Liam behind her, Zayn next to him, Harry next to him, and Me and Niall in the very back.

~At the Hotel~

"I'm going to go take a shower," I said. "Me too!" Air said going to her room. I went into Niall's room where all my stuff was, Got undressed and slipped into the shower. I started singing 'Up All Night' then I sang 'Live While We're Young' By that time I had already washed and conditioned my hair and washed my body, ready to get out of the shower. I stepped out and wrapped a towel around my body then one around my hair and went into Niall's room to see him laying on the bed. "Hey, you're a very great singer!"

"Really? No I'm not."

"Yes you are! You have to sing in front of Uncle Si!"

"Who is 'Uncle Si'?"

"He is our manager, Simon Cowell  we call him Uncle Si.. I don't really know why though.."

"Haha, well I'm not singing in front of him, no matter what!" I said blushing. Then I grabbed my clothes and walked back into the bathroom to get dressed. I got dresses in comfy PJ's and a Tank-top. I Brushed my teeth and hair and put it into a high pony tail. I jumped on the bed with Niall. We talked for hours on end I laid in his arms and we talked and talked and talked. I fell asleep in his arms. I felt safe, secure. I awoke to hear something in the kitchen I turned and Niall wasn't beside me anymore. I figured he was in the kitchen. I got up and walked in to the kitchen to see a huge mess and Air and Louis laughing with each other. "What happened?" I asked, astonished at what I have seen.

"Ohh... Well, we were making bacon and well... this happened because she slapped me with a piece of raw bacon so i threw one at her and then she threw flour at me and... Yeah.. this happened." Louis said holding Air.

"Yeah.. Have you guys seen Niall?"

"He is taking a shower." Air replied

"Oh right.. you guys have rehearsals today."

"We do! I completely forgot! I have to go get ready! Love you!" He said kissing Air.

Niall got out of the shower and walked into the kitchen mess. "Harry is gonna be mad.."

"GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" I heard Harry scream from his doorway. He was nude! "Oh my loshhh!! put some clothing on!" I yelled at him. "Oh, sorry!"

"Yeahh.."  He came back later fully clothed and ready for rehearsals and was in the kitchen cleaning up. He made us all breakfast. Before I knew it it was time for rehearsals...

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