Niall's Princess

In this story, your Name is Kaitlin. You self harm due to bulling, depression, and your father abuses you at home. You eventually meet one direction and fall in love with Niall Horan <3


9. The Truth...

 "What happened to your mother and father anyways?" I heard Harry question. 

"M-My mother was murdered... and my father went to jail for it.. My foster parents are the ones who kicked me out.. They hated me! So I did everything I could to piss them off! I dated a boy from when I was thirteen to fifteen! He had tattoos and he was seventeen when I was thirteen! We had sex on my parents bed! That's how I got pregnant! To piss them off! I didn't think they would kick me out! They never wanted to know who Kelli even was! They never ever ever want to see me again! I just can't believe this! I don't know, it might just be me, but they act like they cared for me in public and then when I got home home they screamed at me and told me to get the fuck out of their house and never come back! I always pretended like I was going to run away, but I never did and then I would always have to make my own food and I would curse at them and say mean things, until I got pregnant and realized that I messed up bad, but it was way too late! I couldn't take back any of what I had done or said! They kicked me out the day I started showing, they said I was eating up all their food to piss them off more and to become a fat lard ass to make fun of my little sister, she was kind of fat and she was also adopted and then they realized I was pregnant when I started throwing up and then they packed up one pair of nasty little shorts and a dirty stained way too small T-Shirt! It was small even when I wasn't pregnant! I messed my life up! I wouldn't be here living in a washing machine box and a dryer box begging for money! Kelli could be living in a two story house filled with beautiful clothes, if I wouldn't have started off being a bitch to my foster parents and tried pissing them off my whole thirteen years of living there! I'm sorry Kelli!" She said bawling her eyes out in Harry's arms. I felt so bad and I think everyone else did too. I bawled my eyes out in Niall's chest and Air in Louis' Danielle in Liam's and Perrie in Zayn's. Kelli was in the other room playing with a brand new teddy bear that I had bought her. "Is that it?" I asked cautiously. "That I can remember.. I'm sorry to dump all this on you.." She answered. "It is fine.." I said getting up out of Niall's lap. "Kelli. Hi, I'm your Aunt Kaitlin. Can I have a hug?" I asked Kelli as I approached the room she was in. "Hi Aunt Kaileen!" She said getting up to hug me. I giggled a little that she couldn't pronounce my name. "I'm your Uncle Niall!" Niall said coming in and wrapping his hands around my waist. "Hi Uncle Neeall!"  I giggled that she couldn't pronounce his name correct either. I wanted a kid someday also.. I guess Niall could see the longing in my eyes because he said, "I want a little Nialler running around our house love." 

"Me too.. But I'm scared.. I'm a.. You know..." 

"Me too.. It's not like you will be the only one experiencing it for the first time... I know it is really too soon, but I love you and I want to start a family with you, so Kaitlin Leah Micheal, Will you marry me?"

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