Niall's Princess

In this story, your Name is Kaitlin. You self harm due to bulling, depression, and your father abuses you at home. You eventually meet one direction and fall in love with Niall Horan <3


7. Lindsey and Kelli's story!

"Oh- I'm just going to go put these on.." Harry said grabbing his underwear out of Louis' hand. "Hey guys! This is Lindsey," I pick up Kelli, "And, this little cutie is Kelli!" I said smiling at Niall.  

"Well, hello, Lindsey. And Hi Kelli!" Niall said waving at her.He's so sweet, and cute! I wonder if we will ever get married and have kids. What am I saying?! I've only known him for three weeks! But, I do think I love him, a lot.. "Love? You okay?"

"Huh? Oh! Yeah, sorry, I was spacing.." I said with a smile. 

"Okay love. So go on about you and Kelli Lindsey!" 

"Okay," She started,  "I got pregnant at the age of fifteen, I know right, 'How come you did it so you?' Well, I had been dating this guy, since I was thirteen. Me and him had sex once before and I didn't get pregnant so, I thought I would be able to do it again... And NOT get pregnant. So.. we did it again and then I told him I was pregnant... He left me the same night. In the middle of the night I awoke to him on the phone.. 'Yeah, I'm laving right now, yeah.. Mmhmm.. Yeah meet me at the stop sign down the street....... Yeah, Oh okay, yeah. I will just walk. Wait, wait, wait! I think Lindsey is waking up! Shhh!' I was awake but he shhed me back to sleep. My parents didn't want me in their house, because I had committed 'adultery' My parents are like huge christian's! So yeah.. I got kicked out of my parents house and I couldn't afford to live in that apartment alone.. I was evicted and was forced to move to america with my aunt... I don't know if you know her, like if you ever heard her music, but her name is Cher. Have you ever heard of her?" I stood there in shock. "What side is she your aunt on?" Air asked calmly. 

"She is off my mothers side. She has a sister, Cher, and a brother, Jason. Anyw--" I cut her off. "Jason is my dads name, and Cher is my aunt..." I was in Niall's arms, I buried my head in his chest and said, "You're my cousin, Lindsey! And I'm Kelli's aunt!" I was so upset. 

"You- You're my cousin?" She examined me as I examined her. She had beautiful Crystal blue eyes and long wavy blonde hair. I on the other hand, still had the same eyes, but 'booty length' black hair and it was naturally straight, I was a little tanner than her too, but other than that we looked a lot alike, same little nose, same lips, and body type. "I- I guess w- we are.." She said hugging me. I was astonished.

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