Niall's Princess

In this story, your Name is Kaitlin. You self harm due to bulling, depression, and your father abuses you at home. You eventually meet one direction and fall in love with Niall Horan <3


17. Happy Birthday!

We both lay in the bed side by side, panting. I mean, it was exhausting! It had to be the best sex we have ever had. At least it was for me.

"Kait? Were you serious about all that stuff you said last night? About the baby?" He said, sitting up, letting the blanket fall off his bare chest.

"Of course I was... were you?" I asked.

"I think so. But I don't really know, because I'm not gonna get to see it that much... You know, because of the tours and stuff. I just wish you and the possible baby could come with us all the time..."

"I know, but we could video chat all the time and I can send you pictures and we could talk on the phone and we could video until we fall asleep, just like whenever you were here..."

"As long as you promise that we video chat everyday when I'm on tour.. And, I think we should try seven or eight month before tour is over, that away I won't miss the birth of our baby, and you have to stay with me on tour until month five or six, then you can come home and be pregnant with Air and Kelli and Lindsey."

"I promise!" I said, kissing his cheek.

"Great! Okay!" He said, jumping out of bed and running to the bathroom, nude.

"Hey! Hurry up in there! I still need to shower!" I yelled after him, right before he shut the door. I heard the water turn on and then out ran Niall with a towel, he runs at me and scoops me up out of bed in the towel. Then plops me down in the wet bathtub, towel and all.

"Niall! What are you doing!" I yelled playfully.

"Aye! You said you needed to shower!" He yelled back playfully.

"Get outta here!" I giggle throwing the towel out of the shower and closing the curtain. After I finished my shower I jumped out and there were no towels, anywhere. I tried to call for Niall to bring me one because it was cold and I didn't want to run around the flat naked.

"Niall! Can you please bring me a towel!" I yelled, politely. No answer.

"Niall! Please!" I screamed again. No answer. I figured he was out so I ran out of the bathroom naked and searched around the room. Nothing. I peeked my head through the door into the hallway, I didn't see anyone so I crept out of the the bedroom and down the short hallway searching everywhere for a towel or my clothes because they were no where to be found also. I got to the end of the hall

"Surprise!" Everyone jumped out and yelled, throwing clothes and towels at me.

"What the fuck!" I screamed, picking up towels.

"We said, Surprise!" Said Louis.

"No duh, smartass. I mean why is everyone here throwing towels at me nakedness!" I said, putting a towel around my body.

"Happy birthday! Today's your birthday and Niall thought it would be fun to take your towels and clothes while you were in the shower so that you would have to come out here make so we could surprise you!" Zayn said, calmly as he patted Niall's shoulder.

"Well, now that I have been thoroughly embarrassed, happy birthday to me. I'm naked."

"But, your hot." Said Harry. Niall turned around and punched his arm.

"I know, but now I have to put on clothes," I said, slyly as I sulked back into the room, embarrassed.

"Kait, sorry I embarrassed you, but it's only because I love you." Said Niall as he peeked his head through the door.

"It's okay, it was actually kinda funny." I said.

"Hilarious!" I heard Louis yell from the other side of the door.

"Yes, Louis. hilarious." I called back as I hit the door with my fist.

"Ow! Geeze you could've just said private conversation!" He said, letting his voice become distant. Niall and I let ourselves laugh at Louis stupidness.

"So, like I said. I'm sorry I embarrassed you on you supper happy birthday! I love you!!" Niall said, tackling me onto the bed while I tried to pull my pants up over my thighs.

"Niall! Stop it!" I yelped at him at he tickled my sides.

"Not until you say it back!" He yelled, still tickling me. I gasped for the air to say it.

"I love you too!" I finally screamed.

"I know. Now get dressed! We have a big birthday dinner planned!" He said, walking out. He stopped, "less embarrassing though!" he said, blowing me a kiss and winking at me. He closed the door and I relaxed on the bed and listened to my thoughts... Wow. Niall is amazing. I love him so much.

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