Niall's Princess

In this story, your Name is Kaitlin. You self harm due to bulling, depression, and your father abuses you at home. You eventually meet one direction and fall in love with Niall Horan <3


3. Cher's!

"Hey Katie!" Cher said with a smile and kissed me on the cheek.

"Hey Cher!" I replied with a smile while she gave me a hug as Air and the lads got out of the car. Cher ran over to Air "Hey Airy-poo!" She said a bit loudly, Air's face flushed as she went to a dark shade of red.

"Cher, you know One Dee don't you?" Air asked.

"Yes, hey boys," She said cheery. "Come in!"

We all entered to house-- I mean mansion awkwardly... Cher introduced us to her gardener, Steven, he was my age. And her maids, Ashlynn, Jaiie, and Lezilee. Then her chef, Howard. They were all very nice. "Are you going to be staying over night?" She asked still walking us around the mansion showing us everything and explaining it, "Show-off" I heard someone mutter under their breath. Cher didn't hear though, she was to focused on her things. I totally agreed but didn't say anything. "Erm, Do you guys want to stay here for a while?" Air asked us and the lads.

"Well, I would love to, but.. we have rehearsals tomorrow morning," I heard Zayn say. 

"Oh, well that is fine, are you guys hungry?" she said stare at Niall.

"Of course, when am I not?!" He half shouted, startling me a little.

"Well then let's head into the kitchen, I'll get Howard to cook us something."

"Okay!" Liam, Niall, and Zayn shouted. Harry looked kind of sad, and Louis and Air were no were to be seen. "I'm going to look for Air, you want to come?" I said to the guys.

"Yeah, I'll go," Harry said a little more cheery, Niall had went with Cher to get some food so it was just me, Harry, Liam, and Zayn. "Great! Anyone else?" No-one responded they all just kind of said 'No, I don't really want to see anymore of Chers stuff.'

"Okay, I guess it's just you and me!" I said turning to Harry who was staring at his shoes. "Oh, okay!" we started to walk off. When we got into the hallway with all the rooms he pulled me into one of the rooms. "I don't see them in here, let's keep looking."No, that's not what I pulled you in here for. I wanted to tell you.." He took a long pause. "I think Niall likes you," "You really think so?!"

"What? You like him  too? Shit. I wanted to tell you that I think I was falling for you too.." I was silent, I really liked Niall but my second favorite out of the band was always Harry, I couldn't replace him with anyone.. It got kind of awkward. "So you don't like me too? That's fine, but I wouldn't hurt you, I would treat you like a princess.. If you're happy, then I should be happy to, I'm really sorry, love." He said kissing me on the cheeks and then Leaving out of the room quickly. I heard another door shut as I sat there I thought about everything that has just happened. I eventually got up and looked in all the rooms and the extra bathroom at the end of the hall, Harry was sitting on the edge of the humongous tub. He looked up at me with red puffy eyes and put his head back down in his hands. "Yes?" he said.

"I'm really sorry things didn't work out the way you had planned.."

"I guess it's just my luck..'

"I'm really sorry, it's's just I- I don't really know, I think it's just a bit of a shock knowing that two boys from One Direction, like me.."

"Oh, so.. you might like me? you just kind of have to let things settle, I mean, you're going to be with us for a year and a half in our round the world tour, I guess we should have talked more, I don't really want to  rush into things either." I knew I really only liked Niall but he was so sad! He got up and hugged me and tried kissing me again on the lips, I turned and made him kiss my cheek "Sorry, not rushing into things, right." He said looking down at me, I was only 5'2. "Yeah." I said looking at my shoes. "Let's go get some food," I said getting out of his hug and leaving the bathroom going into the kitchen. "Hey!" I heard Zayn say. "Where's Harry?"

"He is in the restroom." I said sitting next to Niall "I need to talk to you, I'll meet you outside in ten" I whispered into his ear. He nodded and excused himself, I followed. We were standing on the deck in the backyard. Her house was marvelous inside and out. Her backyard had a beautiful garden with a nice stone path that lead to the pool, behind the pool was a big beautiful pond, there was like a mini forest,  then the big beautiful white fence surrounded it all. It was so breathtaking, the view.

"Love?" Niall said.

"Huh? Oh sorry, It is just so beautiful!" I said walking off of the deck and down the path to the pond, "C'mon!" I said motioning him to come with me. He stepped off when he did I ran around the wondrous yard and stopped in front of the pond seeing Niall's reflection in it. His arms wrapped around my waist. "So, what did you want to talk about?" He said walking to the bench leaving me there in front of the pond, alone. "Oh, ermm."

"Is there something wrong?"

Yes! "No, just wanted to get to know you better." I said with a faint smile.

"Oh!" He then started to tell me all about him. I listened really close he told me everything from when he could remember to now. "Okay, so.. your turn!"

"Huh? I have to tell you about me too?"

"That's the point of getting to know each other better love!" I giggled then started.

"Well, I was born on December 25, My mother and my father had waited three years after Air was born and then waited another two after I was born to have my brother.."

"You have a brother? I didn't know that. What's his name?"

"His name was Alex.." I continued, "Anyways, Me, Alex, and Air always used to play with my mum and dad, outside, inside we were a really close family, until.." I paused for a long moment, "Until my mom got diagnosed with cancer, she only had five weeks to live, she was so bubbly, as if she didn't care that she was going to die in five weeks. she didn't mind it, she acted like she was fine until week three, she got really sick, I cried for seven weeks starting at week three, we all knew she was going to leave us soon, we made her feel really special, we all always prayed every two hours, we ate dinner in her room everyday and prayed before and after and ant night before bed and in the morning until the end of week one." I was bawling, but continued, "About a year after my mothers death my brother- my brother Alex went into the bathroom and didn't come out for an hour in a half, We didn't hear any water and the door was locked, I knew he suffered from depression, he wasn't the same, he cried and cried almost everyday for like two hours until he was just making crying noises and sniffling. When we finally got the door open he was in the bathtub, with all his clothes on, and a hairdryer in his lap," I was doing worse then bawling, I was laying in Niall's arms and just Bawling away. but, I continued on, sniffling and crying, but still talking. "I self harmed due to serious depression and my dad almost adopted a serious drinking problem but stopped himself, he went to therapy everyday til he was completely sober and he sent me away to therapy too, because I self harmed. I stopped and my dad and I stayed strong for each other. He just got over my mother about a week and a half ago he introduced me to her before I left yesterday and then today, Harry told me he liked me and I felt bad and said I liked him too, but I love you. I know I am rushing into thi--" He kissed me. HE KISSED ME! Oh my goodness! i cant believe it, he kissed me! of all people me! "I love you too. I think we might be, but i really don't care!" We kissed again, then he looked me in the eyes and said, "Kaitlin Michelle, will you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" "YES!" I screamed loud enough for the entire U.S to hear, "I LOVE YOU!" Me and Niall kissed again, long and passionately, it was getting kind of heated, I pulled away "Let's go back inside and tell everyone." 

"Okay love," he said sweetly while pulling me in close to him and giving me a kiss on the cheek, we walked back with his arm around my waist. 

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