A Perfect LIfe (A Niall and Harry fanfiction)

Hi im Crystal marrie and like a lot of teens im pregnant at 15 but it wasnt on purpose but what happens when me and my sister move to london away from are abusive step mom will are life get better or while it crumble down.



2. My nightmare

        Crystals P.O.V

                                  Hi my name is Crystal marrie im 15 i have a little sister named dymond shes 14. My mom and dad got a divorce when i was 3 it was horrible. And when i turned 10 my dad got married with this lady that hated me and Dj. Then when i turned 12 my mom died in a car accident wich i was in too i lived but my mom died instantly. The memory always haunts me i have a scar on my stomach,under my eye, and one on my thigh the doctors say i was lucky to be alive but i have a fear of being in a car now.About a year later my life was goung fine until are step mom started to abuse us she use to always make fun of my scars and made me aton of bruces Dj got it bad my step mom pushed her down the stair and ended up braking her arm and her head i took her to the hospital.She ended up getting a scar on her head but is covered by her hair.I was so mad and after that i always protected dj no matter what i ended up geting beated worse but i really didnt care i would die for her. About two years later on my 15th birthday i had a party everyone was drunk except for me and dymond my dads friend son asked me to dance and i said yes we kissed and wouldnt let go of me he wanted more so he forced me to do it with him. About a 3 months later i found out i was pregnant i didnt tell my dad or anybody i just packed my stuff got Dj and left we moved to chesire england next to a styles family. Anne was very nice she helped me with everything i ended up adopting Dj and life was pretty good.

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