A Perfect LIfe (A Niall and Harry fanfiction)

Hi im Crystal marrie and like a lot of teens im pregnant at 15 but it wasnt on purpose but what happens when me and my sister move to london away from are abusive step mom will are life get better or while it crumble down.



7. Moments ...

   Crystals P.O.V

    Today i finally get to leave the hospital "Come on chris lets go"anne told me (skip car ride) Once i walked in the door Collin and Lili come running towards me"MOMMY" they yelled while huging me it hurt i didnt need crunches just a cast but my body was sore "hey my loves you guys didnt give grandma Anne a hard time did you" i asked"No" they said "ok now i want to introduce you to some people" i said they just nodded "ok well thats uncle louis and thats annes son harry and these are there 3 friends liam,zayn,and niall" i said "ok hi my names Lili Bo Tomlinson" Lili said "And im Collin James Tomlinson" collin said then what louis said was amazing " hi lil hi collin im your  uncle and i will always be here for you" louis said"ok well im tired mommy" " ok common" i said while going up the stairs


Harrys P.O.V 

  I couldn't belive how good crystal was with kids after all she was only 18 but there was something about her that was very attracting."Ok anne the kids are asleep" crystal said "uhh crystal can i talk to you" i asked "sure" she said"well im really sorry about what happend in the hospital" i said "Oh is ok harry" she said truthfully i started leaning in and brushed my lips by hers and  she closed the gap between us and i felt her soft pink lips on mine i felt fireworks that moment was just perfect ......

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