A Perfect LIfe (A Niall and Harry fanfiction)

Hi im Crystal marrie and like a lot of teens im pregnant at 15 but it wasnt on purpose but what happens when me and my sister move to london away from are abusive step mom will are life get better or while it crumble down.



3. Metting him...maybe?

           Crystals P.O.V

                           Three years later ...........

                Life has been pretty good i gave birth to twins Collin James Tomlinson and Lili Bo Tomlinson.Collin looks exactly like me with blue green eyes and light brown hair  and Lili looks like her dad she has jade eyes and blonde hair.Looking at lili gives mre terrible memories but i still love her no matter what i am now a profecinal soccer player and Dj is on her way of being a model oh and did i mention i get to meet annes son today and his band i forgot what there called thow.


      Harrys P.O.V

           Finally we get a brake form tour apperantly mom wants me and the boys to meet dome on i dont know who and its driving me crazy."Harry were hear" I heared niall say."Allrrightt im coming" i yellled at niall.Once i got inside i was greatted by my mom talking on the phone with someone she looked pretty upset wich got me worried."Oh Hi Harry i didnt see you i have to go but ill be back in a bit " My mom said i wonder what that was about.

  Crystals P.O.V

  I was in my car going to pick up dymond and my kids when all of a sudden i got hit with a car i started to panic when i felt something else hit my car  and then everything went black.....

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