A Perfect LIfe (A Niall and Harry fanfiction)

Hi im Crystal marrie and like a lot of teens im pregnant at 15 but it wasnt on purpose but what happens when me and my sister move to london away from are abusive step mom will are life get better or while it crumble down.



6. Is that really you??

     Harrys P.O.V

  "whats going on" i asked my mom"she gets panic atacks when people laugh at her or scare her and her scars re open ive seen this happen a couple a times it was horrible" my mom answered " why" i asked " Because the first time i saw it Dj came screaming and crying that she was having a panic attack chris was on the floor purple trying to breathe she was covered in blood and wouldnt stop shacking we called an ambulance and they took her away" my mom answered "oh" was all i said i felt terrible that was horrible and it seemed to upset my mom alot.

 Crystals P.O.V

  Finally when i was token back to my room anne came rushing in i know she hated when  i have panic attacks "How are you felling chris" anne asked me "well ive been better but you know im use to them just this on was a little more painful but ill get over it" i responded "im so sorry harry did that" anne said "its ok anne it wasnt ur fault plus you know i think its funny when people do that" i said " yeah i know" anne said "Well since i have no idea who you people are do you mind introducing yourselfs" i asked nicely i guess they where shoccked cuz of how nice and cheerful i was after what happend" im niall" said the blonde boy with blue eyes"nice to meet you" i said "im zayn"a tan boy with a quiff said" hi" i responded "im liam" said a boy with a shaved head and brown eyes" hi" i simply said " im harry" said  a boy with green eyes and cute curls" oh so your annes soon nicce to meet you plus thanks for the panic attack i almost got rid of them but thanks for bringing them back" i said sarcastly " And im louis" a boy with blue green eyes and brown hair he looked like me when i was little"And as you may know im crystal marrie Tomlinson but chris for short" i said " wait crissy bear" someone said i turned fast and saw louis was the one who said that"How do you know that" i asked frightend only my mom and brother called me that"u really dont remember me do you" he asked " no not really but  you seem familiar"Does the name boobear ring a bell"he asked i felt tears in my eyes "Yeah" i responded "well crissy bear the family has missed you a lot" he said "Boobear" i said on the verge of  tears "Yeah its me" "Omg i missed you so much" i said "Than why did you leave" because i was tired of her shes the reason why i have panic attacks"i said "she said you died" he said  we were both crying now "well no im not very much alive anymore but im hear hows jay" i asked "Shes fine she misses you a lot" he said "yeah she was like my mom after all" i said oh and yeah and louis is my brother well we have the same dad so we both have the Tomlinson blood "And i missed my lil sister a lot" he said "Well me and Dj missed are big brother too" i said "Wait she came with you" he asked "yup" i said "ok louis how come you never told us you had 2 more sisters"Harry asked

Louis P.O.V

"Ok louis how come you never  told us you had 2 more sister" harry asked "Because i thought they were dead" I said "And who told you that" crystal ask "jane" i said she looked really angry "is she serious" she yelled "what about dad" she said "about that hes no longer with us" i saw how sad she got "NO NO please tell me its not true now im completly parentless now my kids wont ever get to see their grandparent" she said "its ok you still have the tomlinson family and the Guadalupe family"i said " yeah but u cant tell jane wear i am or shell make sure im dead" she said " ok but now that i have you again im not letting you or Dj getting away" i said "  ok i love you louis" she said " And i love you too crissy bear"

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