Hey guys this is a fan fic for 1D!
Its about a girl named Isabel who once had the perfect life..
Until things go downhill
When her mom is diagnosed with breast cancer
Finally she meets 2 boys who brighten her spirits.
They fight to see who will win her affections
Aaron and Harry Styles
who does she truly love?
I know this is a fan fic but harry might not win I will decide on that.. post in the comments who you will choose

harry will be introduced in chapter 4 sorry if chapters are not posted fast
im 14 and busy with school


4. Two Roads

The rest of school passed by pretty quickly.. Nick was in ALL of my classes which was awesome and HARRY STYLES was too! Of course he wasn't here because he's on tour but I couldn't wait to meet him. I mean I wasn't the BIGGEST fan but I liked their songs. Little things held a lot of meaning to me as well as moments.. After school was over Nick had to go to soccer practice and so I drove home.. happy that I had no homework. A green eyed laughing curly hair boy is walking on the street toward me  and a house it's Harry! Could Harry be my neighbor?? I suppress my smile and hurry home. But when I get super excited sometimes I end up being a major klutz especially around guys. I trip over the curb only a couple feet away from Harry. Almost super humanly he reaches out and pulls me up before I fell. My momentum causes him to stumble backwards and trip. I fall on top of him and our lips are literally touching. Quickly though I wish I could savor this moment I back up..."Oh my gosh I'm so sorry." I say. "Not to worry, I actually quite enjoyed that moment," he winks..and I blush even more. He smiles at my reaction. "By the way my name is Harry, what's yours?" "I'm Isabel, nice to meet you." "So you live in this neighborhood?" "uuum yeah I'm sorta alone right now.. my mums in the hospital and my dad's on a business trip.. I don't know when he's coming back." "Oh well in that case I'll keep an eye out for you.. Sorta dangerous for a girl to be alone in her house for a couple days or so." "Thanks" I smile. "Hey I gotta go, I'll see you around." "Yea you to thanks for trying to help me... and breaking my fall." he laughs and I join in. "k see ya love" he walks away towards the house next to mine..... all I can think about are his green green eyes. I even forget about Nick for a moment.

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