Hey guys this is a fan fic for 1D!
Its about a girl named Isabel who once had the perfect life..
Until things go downhill
When her mom is diagnosed with breast cancer
Finally she meets 2 boys who brighten her spirits.
They fight to see who will win her affections
Aaron and Harry Styles
who does she truly love?
I know this is a fan fic but harry might not win I will decide on that.. post in the comments who you will choose

harry will be introduced in chapter 4 sorry if chapters are not posted fast
im 14 and busy with school


1. Short Breath (Isabel)

I gasp as the sudden news racks me over into overwhelming tears and silence... Six months was what they had said.... Was what we had hoped for. And I wished for more. A week? Tears seared through my eyes and left them burning with a fire I was so used to.  I closed the hospital door and slammed my palm to the wall. Wincing with the pain that seemed so insignificant to what I was experiencing. My mothers cancer has spread. Breast cancer. It has spread to too many parts of her body for it to ever be removed. I whimper as I slide my back against the crisp white walls I dreaded. I stand up abruptly and head towards the bathroom. I sneak a peak at my reflection. Big green eyes with long dark lashes. My golden hair curled gently at the ends away from my face. "I am Isabel. I must be strong. I will not let my mom die before the time is right. I will be there for her. I will let my father and her be proud" I say to the girl in the mirror that seems so unfamiliar. My mother was sleeping in the hospital room. So knowing it was futile to stay overnight I hurry out from the bathroom, whisk through the door to her room and kiss her forehead softly. It takes so much out of me to see her face so tired and thin. Her body so frail. Her hair nothing but a soft blonde fuzz. Before I leave I whisper in her ear that I love her. I drive home in my silver LS460 Lexus. My family is better off than most, as my father and mother were both popular lawyers. My father is on a business trip to Los Angeles and I pull myself together to keep from sobbing more at his grim frown that has taken place of his once cheery smile since mom first saw the lump. Tomorrow is my first day of college. I'm nervous second guessing if people will like me. As I pull into my gated mansion I smile at my dog Cotton who's playing with my best friend Ellie's dog, Pearl. Exhausted from the days events I take the dogs inside from the yard and go up 2 flights to my closet. I was grateful that I color coated my closet so I could be ready for the new school year. I changed into my pj's and walked over to my bathroom. Quickly I brushed my hair and teeth. I walked over to my bedroom as Cotton trailed at my feet. My bedroom was a bluish grey and 2 stories high. A shimmering chandelier hung from the 15 feet high ceiling. My dog curled in her golden bed and fell fast asleep. I tip toed over to my king sized bed and fell fast asleep, my cheeks pressed against the silk sheets.

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