Hey guys this is a fan fic for 1D!
Its about a girl named Isabel who once had the perfect life..
Until things go downhill
When her mom is diagnosed with breast cancer
Finally she meets 2 boys who brighten her spirits.
They fight to see who will win her affections
Aaron and Harry Styles
who does she truly love?
I know this is a fan fic but harry might not win I will decide on that.. post in the comments who you will choose

harry will be introduced in chapter 4 sorry if chapters are not posted fast
im 14 and busy with school


3. School Life

I leave math, ready to walk over to English.. The cute boy, Aaron stops me in my tracks. I admire his beautiful features. He smiles at me and then says, "It was nice meeting you in class, who do you have for English next?" I smile as I glance down at my powder blue assignment book with my schedule neatly pasted on the cover.. "Mrs. Berchel. What about you?" "Same!" he says grinning. "Let's walk there together, if that's okay with you..." I grin and stupidly nod. God Isabel, talk to him, say something. "So how's England been treating you?" I say as that's the only thing I can think of while staring into his beautiful crystal blue eyes. "Oh it's been great.. Of course I miss the people I left behind but England has been a great transition. I've made some new friends...yeah its been cool. My father's job got moved here he's a lawyer.. That's one good thing, he used to travel so much here and back to California so I barely saw him.. now he's rarely ever gone. I'm rambling aren't I?" "No not at all." I say as he blushes. We're already at the English door and I don't want to stop our conversation. He swiftly opens the crème colored door with a, "After you my lady." He gently stoops down.. I blush and lightly chuckle as I enter the room. Mrs. Berchel snaps her ruler across her desk and my classmates are stunned as am I... "I will not tolerate tardy students!" Her voice thunders.. "Isabel and Aaron you may be excused." she says while glancing down at a sheet of paper that presumably has our pictures and names?? Or else how does she know who we are? "Mrs. Berchel I'm really sorry for being late.. I got lost in the halls." I say innocently.. "Oh don't give me that..I know what all you students are doing when your "lost in the halls!"" "hey don't yell at her." Aaron says.. his eyes steely from the usual soft kind blue. She seems slightly taken aback, but then walks over to us and pushes us out the door, then slams it. "Woah there that was soo not cool.." he mutters. "Come on Isabel lets go, and by the way...my friends call me Nick.." "k...Nick" I wrap one arm around his waist as he hugs me close. "I love you Isabel." "I love you Nick" He softly kisses me on my lips and I hug him close. When we break away, we both smile and stare into each others eyes..... and I love him.


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