Hey guys this is a fan fic for 1D!
Its about a girl named Isabel who once had the perfect life..
Until things go downhill
When her mom is diagnosed with breast cancer
Finally she meets 2 boys who brighten her spirits.
They fight to see who will win her affections
Aaron and Harry Styles
who does she truly love?
I know this is a fan fic but harry might not win I will decide on that.. post in the comments who you will choose

harry will be introduced in chapter 4 sorry if chapters are not posted fast
im 14 and busy with school


2. Love (Isabel)

I wake up early to the sound of my dog barking. I gently lift the soft covers and lead the two dogs outside to the back. After walking them. I take a quick shower and brush my teeth. I apply a light golden eye-shadow, and line my lids with black eyeliner, then apply mascara. I blowdry my hair as it gently curls from my face. Now for the outfit, I think. I walk down to my closet, and pace around the room. It has to be PERFECT. I quickly spot a soft white peplum top that I've never seen before. I turn around to see my hangers of shorts. I find a pair of short short cutoffs and love the way it looks against my long legs. Carefully I take out my gold necklace from my collection and stack some bracelets on my wrist. That looks good, I thought. Moving on to breakfast, I decide to grab an apple and head out. The new school is not far away from where I live so I jog over in my soft blue converse. When I arrive in school, I'm greeted by no familiar faces. I sigh worried about how the day will be. I spot  couple of my best friends across the field and wish I could greet them but the bell rings and I have to go to  class. Looking around I notice some guys checking me out. Nervous I smile and turn to walk away. Someone catches my eye, one of the hottest guys Ive eve seen. His eyes are a gorgeous bright blue, and his lips are plump and beautiful. His straight brown hair is swiped across his forehead. He smiles at me when he sees me watching. He's tall, I notice, as my 5'8'' height seems short so close to his sculpted body. He must be 6'2'' at least. It seems like he's about to talk to me when one of his friends puts their arm around his shoulder and leads them to their other mates. I inwardly feel disappointed but move on. First Class, Math. That should be exciting since its my second best subject. I enter the room to learn about calculus, though I've already taken this course before at my high school. This was the highest option. Everyone settles into their seats and the teacher, Mr. Newhart, introduces himself, he asks us to join him in a circle and tell us a bit about ourselves. The boy I'd seen earlier that day arrives late. The teacher decides not to reprimand him and motions for him to come over. He sits down next to be and I blush. Mr. Newkart asks him to go first and he complies, "Hey guys, my name's Aaron, I just moved here from the U.S. I took the summer camp here and have met some pretty cool people. I love soccer, math, English, and that's pretty much it. He smiles, and the teacher points at me to go, "Hey my name is Isabel. I love math, English, football and my dogs. And I aspire to have a great time here." The teacher seems pleased enough and we go on around in the circle. Mr. Newhart then tells us that there is one student missing from our class who is on tour and is coming back from class tomorrow... My brows arch when he says the name.... Harry Styles



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