This is my first fanfic ever!! Jaelyn was a girl with a normal life unfilled someone she didnt know started texting her...little did she know it was her dream boy, Niall

Ya Ik it sounds cheesy but you may like it :)


3. your....niall

Jaelyns pov I cut him off and said your from one direction aren't you ...yes he said ...I was compleatly shocked what was he doing here how does he like me? Just them every thing went black again and I was hit by someone with something hard.. Zayns pov I saw niall and Jaelyn all close and I wanted to just straingle him she was so pretty I got jelice...so I hit her with a book I found on the table to knock her out so I could take her home with out her noticing ..I thoght it was a good idea at the time so I did it and then niall got all affensive so I panniced and hit him to ...oh god what did I just do they were both out cold. ivory to get them out of here ..I quick put them on the car and drove two hours to our united states home in ohio... Nialls pov I woke up with a massive head ache ...I looked over JAELYN what is she doing here!?!? All ican remember is getting hit and passng out ...oh no Jaelyns waking up what am i going to say she's going to think I kiddnapped her!!! God no!!! Jaelyns pov I wake up feeling woozy and my head hurts really bad ...I think to my self what happened last night,but I don't remember ...I open my eyes and look around ...OMG NIALL KIDNAPPED ME HE'S LOOKING STRAIT AT ME!!!! I yell what did you do you kidnapped me niall i never should have answered those texts and no ones going to be looking for me ... I start crying...he comes closer and trys to calm me down but I pull away and yell go away ...he trys to explain every thing but I don't beleive that Zayn would get jelice and knock us out.then he asked why is boomed looking for you then I begain the horror storie called my life .
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