This is my first fanfic ever!! Jaelyn was a girl with a normal life unfilled someone she didnt know started texting her...little did she know it was her dream boy, Niall

Ya Ik it sounds cheesy but you may like it :)


2. the dance

Three hours later I got to the dance...I pay,see my friends...they arethen he starts talking talking all at pnce but I block them out I'm so scared about who niall is ...then I finally hear kaitlyn say are you even lisning!? And I shoot back YES! Then I said I gtg they were yelling me something but I didn't hear...then my ears caught a scream...not his one but hundreds....coming from the dance ....what the hek I thought...I go in Befor I can even go in two hands grab me from behind and drag me under the bleechers...O MY GOSH! I'm so scared but then a soft comforting Irish voice calmer me down saying "its ok,its ok" I can't see a thing...he starts talking ..."Jaelyn ,I know right now a million things are running through your head right now but..." I cut him off., " Nialls pov" I waited for two years for this dance but ever sence the boys and I got famouse I had to leave the town but when we got a gig I was so exsited I had to call up my friend Ben and get her number of course she didn't know who I was but I had to see her one more time... So when she finally got here she was beautiful I couln't help bit just grab her from be hind...she doesent even know the boys and me are in town ...she's very tense and scared so I try to comfort I think it works I speak but she cuts me off ...I want to say I love her
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