Love That Never Dies

its a story about this girl and she has a boyfriend but is in love with her bestfriend too and then starts to like a new guy she meets at school her senior year...... i hope you read this because my friends told me to post this....... so enjoy(:(:


2. secrets and surprises

As we were driving he decided to turn on our mix cd that we made together one night. He looked over at me, and smiled then focused back on the road again. After driver for a little longer he pulled ove onto the side of the road, and got out ran over to my side to help me out out than kissed me he bit my bottom lip and i pulled back because i wasn't expecting it. He looked at me with a confused look, and my lip felt like it was bleeding so i put my finger to my lip but it wasn't bleeding and he just kept looking at me with a confused face.

" Are you okay?!?" he asked confused

" Yeah it just felt like my lip was bleeding you bit it pretty hard." I said

" Okay just checking I was confused." He said

" I know I could tell." i said

" Ready too go swimming?!?" He asked

" No are you serious i'm not going swimming!!" I exclaimed

He ignored my answer and threw me over his shoulder, and headed to the lake even though i wiggled around saying "put me down" but he continued walking. We got to the lake and he continued walking through the water, then he set me down where the water was up to my chest. He laughed at me so i dunked him and when he got back up he grabbed me and threw me like three feet away from him, and then he started swimming toward me but i kept sswimming away and he ended up catching me because i got tired. He dunked me this time when i got up for air he pulled me in for a kiss, but i dodged him and dunked him again then took off swimming under water before he got back up for air i was almost to the sand, but he grabbed me and dragged me back out into the water. After an hour or so he was finally tired and decided we should go find something to eat, but i'm really glad he remembered towels this time!

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