Love That Never Dies

its a story about this girl and she has a boyfriend but is in love with her bestfriend too and then starts to like a new guy she meets at school her senior year...... i hope you read this because my friends told me to post this....... so enjoy(:(:


1. No Time To Waste

  I was just sleeping peacefully until my alarm clock woke me up, and my dream ended hoping it wouldn't have i tried to go back to sleep to finish it. I couldn't go back to sleep so i got up to go turn my radio on and hop in the shower really quick when i got dressed my phone started buzzing so i answered it and it was him Jonathan!<3

" hey beautiful" he says

"hey!" i exclaimed

"ready to spend the day together?" he asks

"Heck yes i'm just getting ready right now if you want to go ahead and come over." i say

"yes i will be over in 5! love you" he exclaimed

"love you too!" i exclaimed

No more than five minutes later i hear him pull up into my drive way, so i run downstairs and meet him half way. He surprises me with a quick kiss and hug, than we went up to my bathroom. I just realized he was kind of dressed up more than usual he was in his favorite pair of ripped skinny jeans and hot tops with a black polo shirt, and he smelled so good i just wanted to hug him i haven't seen him in over a week! I finished my hair and decided to get nicer clothes on real quick, so i could be ready for what he has planned which he never tells me. I walked out of my room and went downsatirs where he was waiting for me, so we could spend the day together and just have fun. My mom stopped us and asked where we were going he asked me to leave the room for him so hecould tell her since it is a big surprise, but i heard her so om my goodness so now i really wanted to know! He comes into the living room and takes my hand to walk me to the truck and helped me in sice his truck was really tall kind of like him. He has blonde hair along with beautiful blue eyes and was  six foot three and as for me i have red curly hair with brown eyes and i'm five foot seven. sometimes i hate that he is taller cause i have to get on my tip toes and lean my head back just to kiss him, and he still has to lean down! He smiles at me wondering what i'm thinking about probably, and he leans over to kiss me!

" so beautiful what are you thinking about?" he asks curiously

" wondering what you have planned and how sexy you are and how i'm just luck to have you!" i exclaimed

He kissed me one more time and started the truck and started driving to where ever it is he is taking me!

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