My love

When Casey moves from the United States to London she meets Niall Horan from One Direction. He trys his hardest to be with her, but she has too many broken hearts when he finally wins her over she gets pregnant.Will they be able to maintain a baby and their careers.


1. Meeting my love

Casey`s p.o.v.

I have just bought an apartment in London, I have been here for a month now. I walked to the bathroom and brushed my bleach blonde hair. My super gold tan made my freckles disappear. I brushed my newly straightened teeth. I grabbed my blue eyeshadow and brushed it over my eyelid, leaving a beautiful blue trail behind it. I did a winged eyeliner, that brought my green eyes. I walked to my closet and picked out some pink converse, a black pair of straight-legged jeans that go over my shoes, and threw on the british flag shirt.

I took the elevator down to the lobby and walked to the mailboxes. I opened mine decorated with peace signs.

"Hey I`m Niall." He said. I looked up the blonde hair,blue eyed, boy from One Direction, smiled at me.

"I`m Casey!" I  said introducing myself.

"How about we go out tonight?" He asked, I couldnt believe it.

"Sorry, I know how you celebrities are,you go out with us ordinaries and when you get bored,drop us and break our hearts, and mine can`t take anymore breaks." I said holdiing my mail and walking to the elevator.

I stepped in and he followed. I pressed 5.

"I promise I`m not like that" He said. I looked at him with sorrow in my eyes.

"I cant trust anyone,anymore." I said and I really couldnt.

Before he could reply the door opened and I ran out. Unfortunately, he did too because his apartment was beside me. I ran out and shut my door.

I sat down on my loveseat and turned Timmy Turner on. Even at 19, I love cartoons. I sat and started sweating so i threw on some capri leggings and my bra.. I threw my my hair in a high ponytail. I went back to my loveseat and fell asleep. I heard a knock on the door, I got up and opened it. Until I saw Niall`s face turn bright red, I forgot I was in my bra.

"Shit!" i mumbled turning around and grabbing a shirt.

I walked back to the doorway, putting a shirt on.

"Yea?" I asked when I was in my shirt.

"I just wanted to tell you that I am not like the rest. That I wouldnt just drop you. And I want a chance." He said. I thought about how many times I `d fallen for that and how I got hurt everytime.

A tear spilt and ran down my eyes.

"Sorry that one was already used." I told him. He gave a sympathetic look.

He leaned in and kissed my cheek. It was warm and soft,gentle and loving. I wanted to pull him and kiss him right on the lips.But I didnt, I stood my ground. I shut my door and and cuddled in my blanket on my loveseat. i fell asleep at 7:00 am


I woke up to a loud knock, I opened it.Yet again in my bra. But i didnt want to move. All of One Direction was here with microphones and Niall had his guitar. They started singing She`s Not Afraid. Tears spilled down my faccehe isnt like the rest and never will be like the rest. When the song finished. I was sobbing. I ran up to him and kissed him  He put his arms around my back and ifting me off the ground kissing me. He set me down when I retrieved.

"You picked the right song."  I said,making him smile.

"Thanks guys."he said dismissing them

We walked intomy apartment and cuddled.



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