♥In My Arms♥

Her name is Ariana, but people call her Air. She does not like One Direction... but she has a connection to all of them in some way. She also has a dark secret... she can move things with her mind. She will then find out there may be people out there like her... but more powerful and some more evil then she ever thought.


1. The Introduction

 Airs POV: "Great.... Another day living alone," I thought as I got up from her bed. "No No No." I said as I noticed what time it was. "I have a One Direction concert to go to with Skyler..." I frowned. Not only do I hate them, but I think the are all full of themselves... I ran to the bathroom and started up the water. After put on a belly shirt that had "Love Kills" on the front. Lastly I put on me black skinny jeans with converse, and put on light makeup. I left my hair the same as it was and texted Skyler...

 Skyler:Where are you we are going to be late!!!

 Air: Sorry I took a nap c: Forgive me?

Skyler: Ok but meet me outside Im at your house

 Just then I hear the car wheels screech outside. Did I mention she just got her driving license? Well be lucky if we make it to the concert alive! I hoped in the car already not wanting to go to the stupid concert. I forgot my phone! Just then I use my mind to send my phone moments later in my hand. I feel like a freak being the only one who is like me... I think that there might be people out there... Iv'e been hearing sounds in my head... wanting us to come together and, even people having conversations with each other. Just then I hear Skyler yell "We are here!" But thats when it all started... I heard a conversation. There were British voices and I could faintly make out what they where saying.

 Oh well I guess because all I heard was "Im ready for the concert!". Does that mean someone like me is here! I run up and hand the guard Skyler and My tickets and we take our seats. Just then they ran out. 

 I was really bored during the concert until I heard a noise in my head. "Anyone out there?" It sounded like an Irish accent. I was to tired of just sitting back and not answering. So I said something in my mind to who talked "Im here who's talking? And why can you talk to me?" Suddenly there's another voice in my head to "You can hear us?" Said a British accent "No im just talking randomly in my mind... of course I can hear you!" I say "Where are you and who are you?" Another one says. "Im at a stupid One Direction concert and my names Ariana but people call me Air. I say not paying attention to One Direction play. "Wow that hurt." Said one of them. "Ariana we are One Direction..." Just then I look up on stage and see Niall, Harry, Zayn, Louis and Liam looking for me in the crowd. "Meet us backstage." (Niall) said. All I could hear in my mind was music...

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