Half of my Heart

Ciara is just another typical girl in the USA. Until a chance of a lifetime come up. Thats life changing moment everyone dreams about....... The X-Factor. Ciara got a shot to try out for the X-Factor until her dreams shatter. But the thing is even though her dreams shatter something comes from that. 5 Boys ............... 5 of the most amazing boys any girl could wish they'd meet. Well Ciara makes friends,eniemies, and maybe even a summer romance that might bloom into something more. " But Hey this isn't the story read it and find out!"


3. Talking to Him

Nick Cannon: Well lets give this beautiful lady a round of applause

*Ciara runs off the stage crying *

Mrs. Evans: Ciara I'm so sorry. This is all my fault.

Ciara: No it's not. I should've never tried out

Mrs Evans: Come on lets go home.

Ciara: Okay.

* Walking out the door when Ciara bumps into someone *


Ciara: Ow!

Louis: Oh hello Ciara. Sorry I ran into you.

Ciara: Hi Louis. It's okay my bad.

Louis: Are you okay

Ciara: Yeah. I heared you made it congrats!

Louis: Well you should've made it you sounded beautiful love

Ciara: Aw thanks Lou

Louis: Well we've got to be heading off to boot camp. May I keep in touch with you?

Ciara: Of course here's my number

Louis: Thanks. I'll text you everyday!

Ciara: Okay. Bye Louis! * Give Louis a hug *

Mrs.Evan: Ciara I think he likes you

Ciara: Hah yeah right why would he like a loser like me?

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