Half of my Heart

Ciara is just another typical girl in the USA. Until a chance of a lifetime come up. Thats life changing moment everyone dreams about....... The X-Factor. Ciara got a shot to try out for the X-Factor until her dreams shatter. But the thing is even though her dreams shatter something comes from that. 5 Boys ............... 5 of the most amazing boys any girl could wish they'd meet. Well Ciara makes friends,eniemies, and maybe even a summer romance that might bloom into something more. " But Hey this isn't the story read it and find out!"


1. Intro

 Well hello I'm Ciara I'm just a usual typical teenage girl. But I have a secret I lovee to sing and yes I know that almost every girl loves to sing. But honestly if I didn't have music I'd litterally be nothing. I know this sounds a little self centered but I actually do love music more than family. I know I know that sounds a little ............... well really bad but my familys pretty messed up. Well my dad cheated on my mom with the Devil herself and my mom got kinda hooked on drugs. So now I live with a mom who's a mom at some times but a kid at all the others. Well school I don't know where to begin ..... well I'm kinda a outcast I have friends but none I can call a best friend. I'm in the school choir because the school choir teacher Mrs. Evans is a very open to people. She says I'm her faorite student I think she just says that to be nice. But she technically the only really true mom I've had. Well Mrs. Evans wanted me to try out for the X-Factor. Well just like the procrastinating stubborn person I am I said no , like a billion times. But that smile made me want to make her proud so I did. I was number 10245 and let me tell you I was very nervous. But Mrs. Evans was there to talk to me the whole time. I also started to talk to this really cute guy I think his name was Louis he had some sass but was a very kind guy. But as it grew to be my turn Mrs. Evans prayed for me and I was next......

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