-I won't lose you-

Emery is having a difficult time, she can't concentrate at school and every day after
She gets home from school her dad beats her. She decides to run away
And she meets a blonde hair blue eyes boy named ______
And he saves her. What will happen next? Read to find out.


4. What the heck?

3 months later

emerys POV

i woke up and felt a very tight cramp in my Stoumach for some reason I've been gettin fatter and fatter every week. What was happening to me? I haven't been having my period for like three months.... That could only mean one thing.... IM PREGNANT!

I went downstairs to talk to Niall and told him everything and asked him if we could go get some pregnancy tests. When we got back my test came back positive. OMG! I'm PREGNANT! I didn't know how to react, should I be happy or sad? Niall had mixed emotions about it. If it were a boy I would name him him Alexander and if it were a girl I would name her Maci.Niall thought they were 

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