-I won't lose you-

Emery is having a difficult time, she can't concentrate at school and every day after
She gets home from school her dad beats her. She decides to run away
And she meets a blonde hair blue eyes boy named ______
And he saves her. What will happen next? Read to find out.


3. Thank goodness!

Emerys POV

"That's awesome and I'm not mad at you. But where are the other boys?"I ask. He looks at me like I should know and then says,"we'll, it's almost Christmas so they are at home." I feel a little embarrassed but its okay. I feel a vibration in my bra then pull  my phone out. I answer it and the person on the other line says " is this miss Williamson?" "Yes " I reply. We have your dad, he is under our custody and you won't have to worry" I smile and then Niall smiles, I feel so happy."Really?"I ask"That's wonderful!" She mumbles a couple of things and then I hang up. "Niall",I say,"My DAD is under custody!" He smiles big and then goes into a gigantic hug and I lean my head on his shoulder. I was so glad I had him.


nialls POV

I was so glad that her dad was under custody. I was tired and she was tired so we went to bed and had some fun.


(1 hour later)



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