-I won't lose you-

Emery is having a difficult time, she can't concentrate at school and every day after
She gets home from school her dad beats her. She decides to run away
And she meets a blonde hair blue eyes boy named ______
And he saves her. What will happen next? Read to find out.


2. Settling in

Emerys POV


we stopped at the station to get some gas and he asked me what my name was. I told him and then he told me his.Why was he always looking so hesitant? Is there something he has to tell me? I don't let it get to me. As we pulled up to his flat my mouth dropped. It was GOREGEOUS! When we walked inside it was even more beautiful than the outside.  "Mum"Niall said to a lady in the kitchen," This is Emery, I was wandering if she could stay here for a while". The lady said ,"Sure honey!" Niall took me up to his bedroom and told me to start settling in and when I was done he would take me to the ER to get my wound stitched up.i laid my bag by his wardrobe  then fell on his bed in relief. I was tired, really tired. He looked at me then kissed me. He was wonderful.


Nialls POV

 She was GOREGEOUS. I've never seen anyone like her before. I was glad I had her because me and the boys were having some troubles and.....SHOOT! I had forgot to tell her that I was in the boyband called ONE DIRECTION. "Emery....I um have something to tell you. Um I'm in this boyband called one direction and um please don't be mad that I didn't tell you before".


sorry guys I have to go to school. Bye!

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