-I won't lose you-

Emery is having a difficult time, she can't concentrate at school and every day after
She gets home from school her dad beats her. She decides to run away
And she meets a blonde hair blue eyes boy named ______
And he saves her. What will happen next? Read to find out.


1. Run!

Emerys POV

i ran in the house and headed for my room, slammed the door shut and then locked it. I was not going to take a chance of getting beat again,it just hurt to much. I wondered when daren (my dad) would find me. I heard a loud yell. "Emery,you can run but you can't hide."I was so scared that I couldn't feel a single thing no matter how hard it touched me. I heard him round the corner leading to the hallway. I quietly grabbed my bag and started to pack some clothes. I leaned my head against the door and heard nothing. I ran out of my room and just like that I was on the floor and blood was everywhere he looked at me and then pulled the knife out of my side I jumped up and then kicked him in the nuts which led him straight to the ground. I was loosing a lot of blood so I quickly ran to my bathroom and grabbed something to wrap around my waist.i ran outside and wondered where I should go. I thought about that place where my big brother used to take me when I was little. I ran and ran finally I could hear loud footsteps behind me. I rounded a corner and then quickly ran into someone's yard. He ran right past. I walked into the depths of the garden and then I hear a very deep Irish accent. I hid behind a bush and I accidentally stepped on a twig. I ran the other direction and then turned. They had found me. "What happened "? The Irish boy asked. I kinda stumbled on my woes a little,"I-I ran away from my dad because he was abusing me-e and I have no where to go", I replied. He turned to the four boys standing behind him and said," Go, I'll be there in a little while".

        Nialls POV

she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Brunette curly hair and straight bangs. She was perfect."do-do you want me to take you to my house?"I asked. Her face looked a little shocked."um I guess"she replied unsure. I picked her up like in a husband and wife kind of way. I took her to my lamburgunie and sat her in the passenger seat . She gazed at me with her stunning eyes and I looked back. She was beautiful. We both smiled.

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