Seven Devils

A girl gets the chance to meet the boy band of her dreams or will the dreams suddenly fade after one night at meeting the real them. Locked in their world for what my seem forever.

One Direction is the band and this my first movella so please i would really like it if i got no hate:)


3. Wrapped Around You

Louis POV

                 I was flying away the boys were just watching like idiots. As I was flying away I wondered why she didn't scream once when I bit her. As I watched her body as i was flying I saw her eyes flutter open, I thought I took enough blood to keep her out for a good 2-4 hours. Tha got me thinking where was I going to go, well I don't share a room with anyone so I guess I could go to the hotel. I will gladly use her as my supply until the boys come around, then we will finish her off togather.

Emily- " Where am I" she sounded so innocent.

Me- " Your in my hotel room" I simply stated.

Emily- " Can I go home now" she soundded a bit unsure if she should even try asking.

Me- " No" i said with my simple yet sly smile.

She looked pretty mad when I said no so I made her some dinner, everyay make and cheese. All she did was shove the plate out infront of her, got up went to the fridge. I can't belive it she found my hidden stash of carrots' she took them and ran into a room. Suddenly I felt the prevence of the boys so I found the room where she was hid her scent and her. Since the boys weren't always picking out the right snacks and they usually reffer to blood bags I have more advantages. I made her invisable so easy and awsome. The boys came bursting through the door all I could do was laugh slightly. Next thing I knew I was pinned to a wall.

Harry- " Where is she, I swear to" I cut him before he could continue.

Me- " Look there is no need for swearing to anybody I din't hurt her she is safe trust me" I said it in the most calm voice it was almost like venum sinking into your skin, I could see Harry getting chills from everything I hade just said.

Harry's POV

I sent the boys a mind message telling them to search the rooms, I was the strongest out of the three so I could hold him down longer. Zayn and Liam came running up to me they held him down while me and Naill searched the rooms. There were only three bedrooms and two bathrooms, Louis' room had a bathroom in it. I couldn't find her and I was starting to worry I looked and I looked but I couldn't find her I was torn. The fact that I barely knew and she already had this affect on me made it worse. What was i going to do I obviously fancied her and I could tell that some of the oter boys did to, when i find her i will have to do my best to get her in my arms first.

A/N sorry if it sucked i just really wanted to get it up for you guys hugs:)


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