Seven Devils

A girl gets the chance to meet the boy band of her dreams or will the dreams suddenly fade after one night at meeting the real them. Locked in their world for what my seem forever.

One Direction is the band and this my first movella so please i would really like it if i got no hate:)


2. Heavy In Your Arms

Harry's POV

We ran and ran until we came face to face with our problem Louis. I quickly glanced to see who the girl was and into my gaze falls the same girl I was thinking about tracking down to have as a snack, since Liam doesn't seem to have good taste in treats. What shot me out of my daze was the girl's scream which was so loud and full of fright even Chucky would be scared. It was her pure fright that brought me out not the scream really even though it really hurt.

Emily's POV

Me- " Please, someone help" i tried again before Louis was able to properly grab hold around my mouth.

Louis- " Shut up your making this way hareder than it needs to be" he was forcing me to make eye contact but every time i would decline, not taking the offer to look into his souless eyes.

Me- " Please let me go I promise I won't tell anyone just please let me go" I honestly didn't know why I tried it doesn't work in the movies, I don't even know why I'm sheading tears but I guess it's the human thing right.

All he would do is hold my face in his hand trying to make me make eye contact with him, he played with my hair stroked his lips, tongue, and fingers over my neck but still wouldn't hurt me. That is what worried me the most what would he do once he got bored of watching me and toying with my emotions. What would come of me then what does the future hold for me?

Harry's POV we just stood tthere waiting for him to strike, knowing he would. All I tried to do was get in her head and tell her that she would be safe, that 4/5 of One Direction is going to save her. I kept trying but it was like someone who knows nothing about computers trying to break down a firewall, useless.

Louis- " Care to join me lads, she will be an easy one to share" he said with his eyes fixated on us while his mind was focused on Emily.

Naill- " No we would not like to join you give us the girl now" he tried to say as camly as possible without turning into a rage vampyer.

Louis- " Come on I know at least one of you want a taste" he said with that grin on his face.

Naill- " Not your best work mate we heard her all the way from the parking lot" he said this in a way to get Louis fired up and it almost worked but didn't.

Louis- " I tried to shut her up but my powers couldn't work on her it was odd, but doesn't change the fact that she smells oh so yummy" he said the last part trying to imitate those girls from the movie " White Chicks".

With that being said he lunged right for Emily taking hold of her limp body as she was drained of energy from crying and pleading for help. He gracefully put her lower back in his right hand, lightly tossed her neck to the side and took a bite. For some odd reason she didn't scream she just kept al of her pain stay held inside of her. When he came back up slowly he took the blood that was on her neck and in one motion smudged it on all of our faces, next thing we see is Emily's lifeless body in his amrs flying away.


A/N Did you like i have no comments so far but i dhave 8 readers I know it's not alot but it made me feel really good knowing 8 people have read my first Movellas. I would just like to say thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Might update later IDK.


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