Seven Devils

A girl gets the chance to meet the boy band of her dreams or will the dreams suddenly fade after one night at meeting the real them. Locked in their world for what my seem forever.

One Direction is the band and this my first movella so please i would really like it if i got no hate:)



I can't believe I  Emily Clearwater is going to meet One Direction in person. Sure I love them but i respect them enough to not fangirl, i mean their ears must hurt from all the girls that scream their names on a daily bases. Well i guess you could say I'm a fan but not as "dedicated" as some other people.

Emily- "Hi I'm Emily and I have to say i enjoy your music alot" I said kinda bubbly.

Harry-" Well love I'm happy to hear that, mostly because you didn't scream it" I slightly laughed at what i just had said.

Harry's POV:

She was sweet and nice her personalitiy was quite bubbly I might add. After I finished having a brief conversation with her i watched her as she went down the line to talk and hug the other boys as she had done with me. I was guessing Niall had read my thoughts because the moment the thought of me getting near her sweet sented blood that pulsatied through her viens from her neck to wrist, I was brought out of my thoughts by Niall sticking his elbow in my side. All I did ate that moment was left i was hungry and tired. The lads came running towards me i heward their footsteps getting closer. We all exchanged lookes and then we all decided we would find a snack to eat. We found an eragent blonde she didn't complete fangirl but we eventually had to use our powers to shut her up. She most had been a mean blonde because she tasted so disgusting I almost threw up but I was to hungry so i held it in, last time i will ever let Liam pick out a quick snack. Suddenly a pictuer of Emily popped in my head and i was relieved because i had her sent so i could track her down for something sweeter. But of course Niall and Liam had to stop me they already hated the fact they killed a jerk of a girl so the thought of me going after her was completely out of the picture. We were all walking to the car when we heard a scream we just thought it was a fan who saw us so we waved with our backs still turned, then we heard it again this time it was almost like a shriek of pain we all exchanged looks with smirks laughing at the whoever had saw us then when I noticed Louis didn't say anything our was a part of the exchanging of look I began to wonder.

Harry- "Where's Louis" asked so cooly like it was nothing, all of a sudden we heard the scream again only to her it yell please while drowning in it's own tears.


 The person was pleading for their life that's when it snapped to us how Louis has the problem controlling his blood lust all we did was run to the screamig voice.

A/N hoped you liked it please just positve comments I'm trying to expand my writing skills I'm only 11 but I love writing so hope you enjoyed. I will update ASAP promise have any ideas for the next chapter I'm open to suggestions:)


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