I Will Fix You


After tragedy strikes, Rose is left picking up the pieces on her own. That is until she bumps into a certain someone along the way. As they grow close, Rose finds out some interesting news. Will he stay for the drama of it all, or will she have to survive through it alone?


10. Unexpected Caller

I placed my hand on my belly and thought about the baby and the struggle of being a single mom.

My thoughts were interrupted when my phone began to ring.


I picked my phone up and seen that it was an unknown number. I ignored it and went to change to go to bed. While I was changing my phone rang again. Getting annoyed at the constant ringing, I finally answered the phone.


"Hello," I answered with an annoyed tone.


"It's nice to hear your voice again," a man's voice replied. 


My heart stopped. I started to shake so uncontrollably that I dropped my phone. 


"N-No. It c-can't be," I whispered to myself. I shook my head. I realized that my phone was still on so I picked it back up. 


"How did you get my number?" I questioned. He didn't reply. All I heard was his heavy breathing. I started to get angry. "Hello! Answer my question! How did you get my number!" I yelled down into my phone.


"How are you, Rose? How's the baby?" he asked.


"What? How do you know about the baby?" I asked completely and utterly confused.


"I've been watching you and I still am," he replied casually. I started to look around everywhere for a pair of eyes looking at me. When I didn't find any, I thought of only one thing.




I ran as fast as I could. When I got out the door, a pair of hands grabbed me by the waist.


"NOOOO!!!" I screamed with all my might.


I sat up suddenly. I looked at my surrounding and saw that I was on my bed. Turns out I fell asleep in the same position I was in last night. I looked over and saw my phone was still there. I looked at the time and seen that it was already 8 in the morning.


I was shaking and sweating. It was just a dream... Well more like a nightmare. I haven't had one of those for a while now. Especially about him. I'm guessing it's a sign that has to do with the unwanted, unexpected caller.





Sorry for the long wait. I've already started school. I've actually have been in school for almost a month now and have been super busy with homework. Sorry if this was a short or crappy chapter. I have to do some homework so I tried my best to get this done before I have to do that. Plus, I have a 3 day weekend so I have some time.


I saw This Is Us today and OMG it was perfection on a screen. I love it so much. When I went to buy my ticket I was like, "One ticket for This Is Us" and the lady was looking at me like "What?" and then she realized it was the 1D movie. 


P.S: For the girls who won the competition for the girlfriends, you will be introduced in the next chapter.

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