I Will Fix You


After tragedy strikes, Rose is left picking up the pieces on her own. That is until she bumps into a certain someone along the way. As they grow close, Rose finds out some interesting news. Will he stay for the drama of it all, or will she have to survive through it alone?


4. Realization

Two weeks later


It's been two weeks since I've escaped. Most of my bruises have gone away. The others are slowly fading away. I've barely left the house since I came home. Mom barely lets me out of her sight. The police had caught Daniel, but she still was afraid something would happen again.


I've been throwing up a lot since a week after I got back. I don't know why though. I haven't been sick with the flu.


I got out of bed and went straight to my bathroom. I took a long shower. When I got out, I got changed into some black skinny jeans, a white top with a heart in the middle, and some black boots. I blow dried my hair and put it in a ponytail. I put on some jewelry and did my makeup. I grabbed my purse and headed to my car. (Rose's outfit- http://www.polyvore.com/first_time_out/set?id=73261913&lid=2315659)


I was heading to Starbucks. On my way there, the radio played Kiss You by One Direction. I know them because of my best girlfriend, Alyssa(me!! lol), is a directioner. As I continued on to my destination, I thought about them. Then I realized something. The boy I bumped into 2 weeks ago was Niall Horan.



Sorry that it's short. This was basically a filler chapter. I added myself into the story. YAY! Anyways, I will be choosing the winners of the girlfriends today and post them in a little bit.

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