I Will Fix You


After tragedy strikes, Rose is left picking up the pieces on her own. That is until she bumps into a certain someone along the way. As they grow close, Rose finds out some interesting news. Will he stay for the drama of it all, or will she have to survive through it alone?


5. Proper Meeting

When I arrived at Starbucks, which was really busy, I got a hot chocolate and a cinnamon roll. I sat at a table near the back. As I ate my roll, I thought about my education. Since I was kidnapped, I didn't get to finish high school and graduate. I had two choices. I could either get my GED or finish the courses I missed.


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard a voice. I looked up to the person. "Sorry. What was that?" I asked.


"Mind if I sit here?" the familiar boy asked. I shook my head letting him know that he could sit there. He sat down and looked directly at me. I stared down at my hands in my lap. I knew exactly who he was. The blonde hair, blue eyes, and Irish accent gave it away. It was Niall.


"Haven't I seen you before?" he asked. I looked back up at him. We stared at each other for a moment. I could tell that he finally realized who I was by the look on his face. "You're that one girl I bumped into a few weeks ago, aren't you?"


I looked at him for a while then replied, "Yeah." There was an awkward silence for awhile. Then he spoke.


"I'm Niall. What's your name love?" he asked. I was hesitant at first. I'm not the same outgoing person I was before.


"Rose," I answered. He smiled a warm smile.


"Nice to meet you, Rose," he said cheerily. I returned the smile.


"Samesies," I said with a smile.


Niall looked at the clock on the wall. His eyes opened wide with surprise. he started to get up and got his things. I gave him a questionable look.


"I have to go. It was really nice meeting you, properly this time," he said answering my question that I never asked. I nodded in response.


He looked at me for a few seconds. "If you don't mind me asking, can I have your number? I would really like to meet up sometime," he told me.


I thought about it for a while, and replied, "Sure." He gave me his phone and I gave him mine. We put our numbers on each other's phones and gave them back.


"See ya," he said as he started leaving.




I sat there for a little bit longer thinking about what just happened. I barely know Niall, other than what Alyssa's told me. He seemed like someone I could be friends with and trust, but it would be hard for him to gain my trust.


After the incident, I put up walls to keep myself from being hurt even more. I only trusted my mom, brother, and Alyssa. I would say Chase, but he went to a college outside of Indiana, so I don't have him. All my friends, but Alyssa, stopped talking to me.


They thought I was a loser. That I was different all because of me being kidnapped, which is true. I'm not the same anymore, but that shouldn't matter. They should like me for me. Oh well, friends come and go, but true friends stay.


I got up and threw my trash away. I headed home since I wasn't feeling well, again.


When I opened the front door, I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe who I saw standing in the living room.


"Hey, Rosie."



Hey, Lovelys (I think that's what I'm gonna call my readers unless you have a better idea). I hope you like this chapter. I'm sorry if it's short. I feel like it is. Who do you think was there when she got home? Comment your guess.


Let me know what you think and if you have any question feel free to ask. Follow my on twitter: @lyssa_white

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