I Will Fix You


After tragedy strikes, Rose is left picking up the pieces on her own. That is until she bumps into a certain someone along the way. As they grow close, Rose finds out some interesting news. Will he stay for the drama of it all, or will she have to survive through it alone?


29. Epilogue

Rose’s P.O.V


“Happy anniversary love,” I heard as I woke up. I smiled as I sat up in bed and stretched. Niall was sat on the edge of my side of the bed with a tray of breakfast in his hands. He smiled back as he placed it on my lap.


“Happy anniversary,” I said, pecking his lips. I thanked him for breakfast and he left for a moment before returning with a rose.


“A rose for my beautiful Rose,” he joked. I let out a small laugh.


“Thank you,” I mumbled as I swallowed a bite from my pancakes. As he gave me the rose, I realized that it was fake.


“This rose represents my love for you. As long as it is alive, our love will also be alive,” he explained. I let out a small laugh when I understood what he did there.


“You’re such a dork,” I laughed, Niall joining me shortly after.


“Yeah, but I’m your dork,” he smiled as he scooted closer to me.


“And that’s why I love you,” I whispered as if it was a secret for only us to know.


“I love you too.” He pulled me in for a passionate kiss, then pecked my forehead. I finished my breakfast shortly after, sharing it with Niall. We laid in bed for a little longer before he got up.


“Where are you going?” I asked as I watched him get dressed.


“I have some things to take care of,” he replied. “Besides, don’t you have to go dress shopping with the girls.”


I groaned, “I forgot all about that.” I got out of bed and headed for the closet. Today the girls and I were helping Alyssa pick out her wedding dress and looking for bridesmaids dresses.


Over the past 3 years, Kes and Zayn, Olivia and Louis, and Natalie and Liam have gotten married. Alyssa and Harry have been engaged for almost a year now, with their wedding only a few months away. Alyssa has moved out of the apartment and now lives with Harry, and Niall moved into the apartment with me.


I looked through the closet for something to wear. I settled with a coral lightweight crop top, a black flared skater skirt, and a pair of black ankle boots. I walked over to my dresser and put on an arrow ring and some bangles. (http://www.polyvore.com/dress_shopping/set?id=168880822)


I walked into the bathroom and brushed through my hair. Halfway through the process, Niall walked into the bathroom, “Love, I’m leaving.” I gave him a quick peck on the lips.


“Okay, love you,” I said going back to brushing my hair.


“Love you too,” he yelled as he headed out the door. I took a look at my phone and saw that I was running late. I threw my hair up into a ponytail, put on some eyeliner and mascara, and applied a thin layer of light pink lip gloss.


I grabbed my purse as I made my way out the apartment. I drove quickly to the bridal dress shop. Once I got there, I saw everyone else waiting for me. “I’m sorry I’m late,” I apologized to the girls.


“It’s okay, as long as you’re here,” Alyssa said as she pulled me into a hug. We each walked around the shop looking for potential wedding dresses for her. Once we found one, Alyssa began trying them on.


After a long process, she finally found the dress of her dreams. When she changed out of the last dress, we all said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. As I made my way out the shop, I got a text from Niall.


I have a surprise for you when you get home,” it read. I put my phone away and began the journey home. Once I got there, I was greeted with a note on the door, “Take a trip through the past to reach the present and see what the future has in store.”


Confused, I opened the door and saw streamers draping down from the ceiling with a poster that had PAST in bold letters written on it. I stepped through the streamers and entered the living room. The room was split in half by another section of streamers the had PRESENT on them.


There were red balloons sprawled out on the floor of the PAST section. Hanging from the ceiling were strings that had pictures attached to them. I took a closer look at the pictures and saw that they were all of Niall and I over the years. Some with us alone, others with friends.


I smiled as I walked into the PRESENT section. Sitting on the coffee table was a box with a note next to it. I picked up the note and read it aloud to myself. “Here’s a little something for you to wear tonight. I made reservations for us at your favorite restaurant.”


I put the note aside and lifted the lid off of the box. Inside was a blue dress that had a black lace pattern at the top and a black belt and bow around the waist. I felt the smile on my face grow bigger as I laid the dress back in the box.


I took a glance around the room and spotted rose petals on the hallway floor. I followed the path down the hallway, stopping at our bedroom door. On the door, there was another poster that read FUTURE on it.


I cautiously opened the door, curious of what might be on the other side. When I opened the door, there were more rose petals the traveled to our bed. On our bed, spelled out in the rose petals was a question.


“So Rose, what do you think?” I heard a voice say. I jumped, startled by the voice. I quickly turned and saw Niall at the door. I felt tears swell in my eyes when I saw him standing there. He walked over to me and held my hands in his.


“Rose, words cannot explain how much I love you. Since the moment we met, I felt myself falling more and more in love with you as each day went by. I continue to fall in love with you.


“I love everything about you, your flaws and imperfections, the way you laugh, your smile, everything. Nothing could ever make me fall out of love with you and I hope you feel the same way. Rose, I love you to the moon and back, forever and always, until the end of time.


“What I’m trying to say is, Rose will you marry me?” he asked as he got down on one knee and pulled out a small box. Inside was a beautiful ring with little diamonds around the band of the ring and a bigger diamond in the center.


With tears streaming down my cheeks, I nodded, “Yes. Of course.” I smiled at him and he returned it. He slid the ring onto my finger, then pulled me into a passionate kiss. Once we pulled away, he wiped away my tears with his thumbs and rested his hands against my cheeks.


“I love you,” he smiled down at me.


“I love you more,” I giggled staring back into his beautiful blue eyes.


“Well I love you most.”




Here is a picture of the ring.

This is it you guys. This is the end. I can finally mark this as complete. I'm kind of sad that its over, but I'm also happy.  It has been a long journey. I would have had this done sooner, but I haven't been home much, so I didn't have the time to work on it. I hope you like it, let me know what you think. 

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