I Will Fix You


After tragedy strikes, Rose is left picking up the pieces on her own. That is until she bumps into a certain someone along the way. As they grow close, Rose finds out some interesting news. Will he stay for the drama of it all, or will she have to survive through it alone?


25. Case Solved

Rose’s POV


“I’ll get it,” my mom told me. She placed her fork on her plate and stood up. She paced towards the door and opened it. I couldn’t see who it was from the angle I was at, but I could hear their voices.


“Is this the home of Rosalina Garcia?” a male voice asked. Curious as to who it was, I got up from my place at the table. I heard my mom letting them in. Once I was in the living room, I saw a police officers.


“What’s going on?” I questioned. My mom looked at me then turned her attention to the cops. They instructed us to have a seat. “What is this all about?” I repeated.


“This is about your case Ms. Garcia,” the officer replied.


“But Daniel’s in jail,” I stated confused. Then fear arose in me. Had he escaped? Is he coming for me? All these questions ran through my mind.


“Not that case Ms. Garcia-”


“Rose,” I interrupted.


“Sorry, Rose. It’s the case regarding your car crash. I’m Detective Randolph and I’m in charge of investigating the case. I have a few questions for you,” he continued. I nodded in understanding.


“What is there to investigate? I thought it was an accident?” my mom addressed.


"That's what we believed to be true at first, but with further investigation we have come to the conclusion that it was not at all an accident," Randolph answered.


"Wait. Are you saying that it was planned? Who would do something like that!" my mom yelled.


“That is what I’m here for. Rose, can you think of anyone who would want to hurt you? Someone who would do something like this?”


“Not that I know of,” I replied. Then I thought about it a little more, and I suddenly remembered the weird text and the letter I received the day of the accident. “I think there is someone, but I don’t know who it is.”


“Do you have your phone? We would be able to trace the number,” Randolph pushed.


“No. My phone got destroyed in the crash,” I shivered at the memory. He then asked me for my number and I gave it to him. He told us that he would give us a call when they have more evidence. He gave us his card and left.


Mom and I finished our dinner in silence. Neither one of us made an effort to talk about what just happened. Well, that’s what I thought until I heard my mother speak.


“Why didn’t you tell me about those text Rosalina? What about that letter? We could have reported it to the police!” she raised her voice. I knew she was mad because she used my whole name.


“I didn’t think it was serious. I thought it was a joke from a fan of the boys or something. I didn’t think it would get this far,” I replied, trying to stay calm.


“Usted no pensó que esto sería grave! Una amenaza es una amenaza! Es por eso que no debe colgar en torno a esos chicos! Son nada más que problemas!” she continued. Now I know she’s pissed because she never speaks in spanish unless she is really mad.


“No te atrevas a decir que sobre ellos! Estaban allí cuando no estabas! Ellos vinieron y me vieron en el hospital cuando se podía importar menos!” I retorted. After that she fell silent. “That’s what I thought,” I stated as I stormed out of the dining area and headed straight for my room.




*A Few Days Later*


My mom and I haven’t talked much since our big arguement. She’s currently at work and I’m at home alone. I was sitting in the living room in some sweats and a hoodie Alyssa gave me a while back(http://www.polyvore.com/lazy_day/set?id=110111534), watching Netflix.


In the middle of catching up on my favorite show, Teen Wolf, when there was a knock on the door. I paused the show and got up, slowly walking to the door. It wasn’t because I was scared. I’m just really tired and lazy.


As I got to the door, I looked through the peep hole to see who interrupted my lazy time. I saw my blonde headed best friend. I opened the door and was greeted by a warming smile. I gladly returned the smile. “Hi.”


“Hey. Come in,” I said as I made room for him to step inside. He slid inside and I closed the door after him. We walked into the living room and relaxed on the couch. “So what brings you by?” I questioned.


“Just wanted to stop by and see how your doing. You seem to be doing a lot better,” Niall smiled. It’s nice to know that he genuinely cares and is looking after me. Almost like a brother. Speaking of brother, I haven’t talked to Tony in a while.


“Thanks, I think. I feel a little better. Just trying to get back into routine,” I commented. After that, we chatted about random things. I mentioned my thoughts about moving and other things.


“Hey Rose?” Niall asked. He seemed nervous for some reason.




“Can I tell you something?”


“Sure. What’s on your mind?” I addressed the question. The atmosphere suddenly became tense and serious.


“Well, what I’m about to say I have already told you before, but it was while you were in a coma. I know you don’t remember it so I thought I would tell you, although it’s hard to repeat. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is I think I -” he began before he was cut off by the house phone ringing.


I grabbed the phone off the receiver and saw that the number was detective Randolph. “Sorry, but I need to get this. Be right back,” I apologized as I got up. I walked into the other room and answered the call, ”Hello.”


“Hello, is this Rose?” he questioned.


“This is her,” I replied. He told me that they needed me down at the police department to go over new evidence. I told him I would be there as soon as possible and hung up. I walked back into the living room and saw Niall on his phone.


“Quick question, can you give me a ride somewhere, please?” I kindly asked him. My car had been completely totaled in the wreck and I wasn’t quite ready to drive again. He looked up and gave a nod in response.


I told him where I needed to go and he didn’t question it. We hopped in his car and headed to the police department. I was really nervous, but I was happy that I had Niall here for support.


We arrived at the department a little too fast for my liking. We walked into the building and I hesitantly paced toward the desk. I told the man at the front desk that I needed to see detective Randolph. Just as I said that I saw him heading our way.


“Rose, please follow me this way,” he said heading in one direction down the hall. I quickly followed behind, along with Niall. We entered into a small room that looked like an interrogation room.


“Okay, so what exactly are we here for?” I questioned. Randolph ordered us to take a seat as he opened a file folder.


“First things first, you do remember our conversation a while back?” he assumed. I nodded my head allowing him to continue. “We were able to receive your contact history and trace back the unknown number. Do you know an Allison Brooks?”


I shook my head. I have never heard that name before. I became even more confused when Niall spoke,“I know who that is.” I stared at him as he said this.


“How so?” Randolph asked. I looked at Niall wondering the same thing.


“Well, she’s my ex-girlfriend,” he replied a little nervously. Niall continued to explain how she became really obsessed with him and was always questioning his whereabouts. It became too unbearable for him so he called it quits. “She must have seen Rose and I hanging out and assumed we were together.”


“Well, that explains the messages,” I mumbled to myself. I guess it was loud enough for Niall hear.


“What messages? What are you talking about?” Niall said with worry evident in his voice. I waved my hand as if saying later.

“Now that we have this new information,” Detective Randolph began, “we can arrest the suspect and she will be brought to justice. Case solved.”




Avery(Rose's mom) - You didn't think this would be serious! A threat is a threat! This is why you shouldn't be hanging around those boys! They are nothing but trouble!

Rose - Don't you dare say that about them! They were there when you weren't! They came and saw me in the hospital when you could care less!


Sorry for the very later update, but I took a break from writting and then school started so I'm going to slowly be updating this story. Only 4 more chapters left. Here's a long chapter for you.

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