I Will Fix You


After tragedy strikes, Rose is left picking up the pieces on her own. That is until she bumps into a certain someone along the way. As they grow close, Rose finds out some interesting news. Will he stay for the drama of it all, or will she have to survive through it alone?


20. Behind Bars

Alyssa’s POV


As we waited outside the room, two police officers walked towards us. I looked at Harry with an eyebrow raised. He just shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention to the officers.


“Are you friends of Rosalina Garcia?” one of them said. We nodded and waited for them to continue. “Please follow us,” the other one said.


We shared a glance before following them. They lead us into an empty room. They instructed us to sit down. Harry reached over and grabbed my hand for reassurance. I gave it a little squeeze.


“Hello. I’m Officer Alena and this is my partner, Officer Elena,” she said pointing to the other officer when she said her name. “We have been working on your friend, Rose’s case,” she continued.


“What case?” I asked confused. They had already got Daniel a while back. He’s going to be behind bars for a long time.


“Well, it turns out that the car accident your friend was involved in wasn’t much of an accident,” Officer Alena stated. I gave her a confused look.


“What do you mean it wasn’t an accident? Are you saying it was planned?” Harry asked her. This time Elena answered.


“Precisely. That’s why we are here. Do you to know of anything that could help us with finding the person behind all this?” she asked.


“Not that I know of,” Harry replied. I thought about it. I remember seeing Rose get a weird message from an unknown number.


“I think she was getting threats and messages from someone. I’m not sure who because they were from an unknown number,” I told them. They shared a glance at each other and stared back at us.


“Thank you. That will be all,” Alena said. We got up and left. Just as we got closer to the room, we saw Niall run out asking for a doctor. I instantly thought something was wrong, so I ran up to him.


“Niall, what’s wrong?” I asked. He stopped for a moment and looked at me.


“It’s Rose. She’s awake.”




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