Good-Bye Styles (One Direction fanfic)

It's her, Maddie the unlucky girl who lived in a tiny house with her strict step-father after her mother passed away, she lived a miserable life and suffered from these bullies at school and her elder 20-year-old mean step-sister made Maddie's life worse and worse.. However, her life changed a bit after living with her best friend Charlotte who was living alone because her parents lived in Canada and her brother was in London. Also Charlotte was a true friend, supported Maddie all the time and made her smile constantly.


6. What's happening?

John's POV:

After I was watching Charlotte and Maddie's conversation, I stood there smiling because I know they love this boy band called "One Direction" they're actually my friends and I know them well, but I didn't tell Charlotte and Maddie about it because I wanted to make it a surprise for them.. When Charlotte said "ONE DIRECTION ARE OUT THERE IN THE BALCONY" I knew she maybe saw them behind the glass window sitting in Louis's living room which I secretly  visited a lot, I kept on laughing till the laugh faded away when I saw Maddie fainting! I was afraid, I called the doctor and Charlotte got her some water. We stood there waiting for the doctor in the front door, and Charlotte kept on checking how Maddie was, I loved Maddie so much like my little sister, she was so kind, sweet and innocent.. I love this kind of girls and I was so happy to see my sister's best friend is Maddie.

Maddie's POV:

I hardly opened my eyes seeing a man with small glasses in a white coat putting his hand on my forehead, I just whispered John "Who is he?" he smiled sweetly saying "He's the doctor, welcome back Maddie" with a cute giggle. I asked John and Charlotte about what happened and they say that I fainted, I think I did because when I woke up I was deadly tired..

I kept on thinking about what happened before I fainted but I couldn't remember anything except that we were in Charlotte's house in U.S and I heard some shouting outside…

Charlotte's POV:

I was anxious about Maddie until I found her opening her eyes and I was nearly okay but then something enormously bad happened—The doctor said that when she fainted, she fell on her head which was true and he added with a straight face "unfortunately.. her memory was affected by this fall and she won't remember anything after the day when I was yelling at mom because she wanted to sell the house, so I asked Maddie "what do you remember" she told me "I only could remember you shouting to your mother, nothing more" … O-M-G! Maddie still don't know that we're Louis's neighbors?! Or even that we moved to London?!



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