Good-Bye Styles (One Direction fanfic)

It's her, Maddie the unlucky girl who lived in a tiny house with her strict step-father after her mother passed away, she lived a miserable life and suffered from these bullies at school and her elder 20-year-old mean step-sister made Maddie's life worse and worse.. However, her life changed a bit after living with her best friend Charlotte who was living alone because her parents lived in Canada and her brother was in London. Also Charlotte was a true friend, supported Maddie all the time and made her smile constantly.


8. So sweet..

I stayed frozen for like 3 minutes until I knew I had to talk, this is not so nice from me. I began to move my arm and move my body right and left but I stayed quiet for 1 hour which was John talking to Louis and Harry in it, then John suggested watching a movie. I was so excited because I knew Harry was staying for long but actually I was extremely shy, Charlotte got used to the fact that we’re the boys’ neighbors and began talking, discussing with them loads of topics while I just watched Harry and no one else.. I pretended to be sleeping to see if they are going to talk behind my back which was true, I heard harry’s voice saying “What’s her name?” Charlotte replied “Maddie” then Louis said “She’s so cute while she’s sleeping” I opened half an eye then found Harry frowning to Louis and rolling his eyes but Louis didn’t notice it, he was just talking to John and Charlotte. Then the movie started and I pretended to wake-up because I wanted to kind of socialize a bit. I watched the movie beginning with half a smile and caught harry staring at me, I didn’t know what to do so I just smiled my biggest smile and returned looking to the screen. He ran coming to sit next to me, and asked Charlotte to get us pop corn, after she was done, he got the bowl against my eyes because I was so engrossed in the movie.. I looked to him the sweetest way I could then he kind of hugged me. I felt like I’m the happiest girl on earth but I tried to hide that. Harry whispered me “You’re so sweet” I couldn’t believe my ears but I  didn’t reply, I just stared at him smiling and then quickly hugging him so hard and whispering him “You too.

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