Good-Bye Styles (One Direction fanfic)

It's her, Maddie the unlucky girl who lived in a tiny house with her strict step-father after her mother passed away, she lived a miserable life and suffered from these bullies at school and her elder 20-year-old mean step-sister made Maddie's life worse and worse.. However, her life changed a bit after living with her best friend Charlotte who was living alone because her parents lived in Canada and her brother was in London. Also Charlotte was a true friend, supported Maddie all the time and made her smile constantly.


11. oh my god

Harry’s POV:

What was that? I broke up with Taylor since ages. Where did this picture came from? I had my lock screen a picture of the boys just before I came here, What’s that? I kept on thinking silently, confused and really annoyed by whoever did this and then Maddie broke the silence by “Harry? Why you don’t answer?” I replied so quickly “Oh, Maddie this is not me who put this picture. Look, I know it’s someone who wants to annoy me or something but trust me this picture I absolutely don’t know where it came from, I just had a picture of the boys before I came here!”


Maddie’s POV:

Now I know it’s not Harry who put this picture of ‘Haylor’… but wait, why not isn’t he lying to me just to hide that he is secretly still dating Taylor? Oh no. Harry wouldn’t ever do that yeah           

 John came along bringing harry the sandwiches and offering me one but I refused, all I can think about is that picture.. John  said “why are you so silent?, didn’t you talk at all?” I said “oh no John, of course we did hahaha” Harry: “yeah we talked. I have to go sorry” John and I waved harry as he reached louis’s apartment and then we went off to bed just to sleep because it was quite a long day!

The next morning, I woke up on Charlotte’s loud laugh coming out of the living room, I tried to know who was there out laughing with her but I could only see from the door gap, harry’s curls and louis’s stripes t-shirt. I wore my new “I love London” hoodie, my skinny jeans and a pair of black uggs with a cute bun. I washed my face, sprayed some perfume and  went out welcoming  them.

I exited the room and came out to the living room, Louis waved at me and Harry came running to me and hugging me tightly then he whispered “Maddie, it was Louis who put this picture of me and taylor..” I asked him “Why?” he answered quickly “He said it was kind of a joke or prank”

I nodded then we sat down on the couch and then I found the door knocking so I stood up going to the door opening it, it was the blond, irish, Niall Horan! I stood there staring at his perfect blue eyes then he smiled and blushed. I welcomed him, allowing him to enter then leading him to the living room.. I told him “wait, my best friend always told me that you are her favorite member of the band..” he smiled a big one then I said “wait here I’ll do her a surprise” he nodded excitingly then I entered the living room alone after that, Charlotte asked me “Who was it?” I said “It’s someone you really love..” She didn’t even bother to think so she ran to the living room door opening it gently until she found him standing by his back, she turned at me looking confusingly “Who?” I told her to go see him. She went there right behind him then knocked with her finger tips on his shoulder so he could turn around and show her his face.. it was a suspense moment since we all knew it’s Niall except her then he quickly turned around smiling in her eyes, she screamed so loudly and quickly hugged him then he hugged her even tighter and told her “Hello, you are perfect. I love you” she took a step back staring at him then she screamed in her literally loudest voice “ I LOVE YOU TOO!” we all clapped and laughed. After a while we suggested to watch a movie. Louis wanted a scary movie and they all agreed, I was so embarrassed to say that I get scared so I decided to become a little bit more brave.

After 20 minutes there was a silent scene and they were all so engrossed except me, I was totally scared, then SUDDENLY came a ghost which scared me so much so I screamed uncontrollably, Harry took me in his arms and whispered “Don’t be scared beautiful” I told him “sorry for screaming” he said “no problem love”  I was so happy that he calls me cute names so I kept on thinking about him then I slept on his lap and he kept on playing with my hair and I could feel it.. it was an amazing feeling!

Then I woke up and went to wash my face, after I returned to the couch again, harry touched my hand then asked “Do you have a boyfriend?” I kept silent as if I didn’t hear then he held me tight and asked again “Maddie, do you have a boyfriend?” I looked at him in his green eyes and waited for like 3 seconds and … shook my head blushing.


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