Good-Bye Styles (One Direction fanfic)

It's her, Maddie the unlucky girl who lived in a tiny house with her strict step-father after her mother passed away, she lived a miserable life and suffered from these bullies at school and her elder 20-year-old mean step-sister made Maddie's life worse and worse.. However, her life changed a bit after living with her best friend Charlotte who was living alone because her parents lived in Canada and her brother was in London. Also Charlotte was a true friend, supported Maddie all the time and made her smile constantly.


3. Off to London

"Here I come Life" I said exactly after waking up worrying about what is life bringing to me that day , then I realized it's a great day because Charlotte's parents are leaving again and I will be free once more in this house! But all I could hear is screaming and shouting, I was surprised to hear that yelling that surprised me.. "This house used to be quiet one day" I said confused, then rushed fixing my extremely messy hair bun, and my pajamas and then I quickly exited the room hoping it's not a fight...

On my way to the living room, the shouting sound is getting louder and so are my heart beats, I finally arrived with a sick, confused, frozen chicken face, millions of questions flashed through my mind but all I can do is asking Charlotte what's the matter but I was completely speechless because I haven't seen before Charlotte shouting to her mom. After I sat down on the couch and trying to recognize what's happening, I found out that John will have to move to London once again which made me sad, I loved him so much since I knew him and he was always funny, helpful, gentle and handsome. But actually I still didn't understand why is Charlotte so mad?.. Finally, I knew what was driving Charlotte crazy, it was because her parents were going to sell the house and we have to move to London with John which made me the happiest person on earth because I've always wanted to visit London and the only time I'm visiting this beautiful city it's with the most beautiful two people who are Charlotte and John.  I thought..  "Finally,I'm turning lucky"

The day I packed my bags was my heart beating from excitement that I can hear the heart beats, I quickly rushed and shouted "Charlotte! I'm ready how about youu?" she said with complete disappointment "yea..ready" I questioned her a lot about why was she sad about going to London.. But unfortunately she just didn't utter a word which faded away all of my excitement.

I just can't be happy seeing my best friend that sad...

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