I'm sorry

This story is about a young girl named Gabi she loves one direction. one day she came home what did she see? What did she say? I hope u like the storie my first story xxxxxxx


4. Surprise

I woke up in the morning all ready for the 6h plain ride. I waked out of bed and sow Harry and Niall and Liam and zayn and Louis on the guest room bed. I walked over to them and kissed them on the cheek. I was getting out of the shower on I put my hair in a messy bun and blue jeans and a soccer jersey on also converse and a little of mascara. I walked in to the kitchen with five dressed boys and one pj girl. " wow Ciarra u are rocking those I love nerds pjs"" omg" haha omg seriously get ready". She came down the stairs with a blue shirt and blue jeans and a biker jacket. "You ready girl?""yeah"" you guys ready""yeah" they said in a harmony cool. We came to the plain and it was a jet with like everything. "OMG" my jaw dropped and everybody was laughing at me. We finally got to are seats I was sitting next to Niall and Harry. Harry was asking me strange question also Niall, I kind of felt bad for Ciarra just sitting in the corner so I got up and sat next to her. "Hey why did you move" they both said in harmony " I want to get away from thousands of questions you are asking me, also I want to spend time with my cuz" I said well hugging her. Harry got up and picked me up and put me in that seat that I was in " get your dirty f*** hands off of me styles and horan". Ciarra and Liam saved me I said thank you to them so just in case Liam sat on the other side of me. Me and Ciarra were talking about how I am going to plan my birthday.

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