I'm sorry

This story is about a young girl named Gabi she loves one direction. one day she came home what did she see? What did she say? I hope u like the storie my first story xxxxxxx


6. OMG

The boys finally got ready so I guess it is my turn. I was wearing a red dress with one strap and red heels also my hair is in a side braid. Ciarra was wearing a blue flowery dress with white heels and her hair down. I walked out of the bathroom and all the boys where scanning me head to toe with there eyes. I walked to my spot next to Liam. " you look beautiful" Liam whispers in my ear "thank you and you look handsome". We got to the airport at around 10 the morning. I got into a limo that was talking me god knows where. We finally got up to a big house with lots and lots of yard. " where are we?" I asked I sow blank faces. I got up to the house and walked in I tried to find a light switch but I could not then " SURPRISE" I look at all my cousins that where here and then they went back to talking Spanish I don't know what they where saying but it was cool. I said thank you and hello to everybody. I walked out side and I sow a little lake and a kazeboo and walked right in it I just looked out into the lake. I heard footprints coming after me I turned around and I sow my cuz Tomas he knew English. We had a simple conversation and then five guys and one girl where coming after me and Tomas grabbed my Armand kissed me right then and right there I tried to pull away but he was to strong then I remember the move. I kicked him in the balls and kneed him in the face and screamed. He was Laing in the cold hard wood. I heard a voice call my name but I just fell on the ground and got up like it was no deal. Then Niall came running after me then I throught my shoes at one direction and ran I did not stop runing till I got out of breath. But then I heard a nosie coming all around me and I was circled by the people how sow that my cuz was kissing me and did not help." Gabi why are you so mad a us" Louis said " I don't know maybe because none of you saved me when you saw what happened and you just walk away!!!!!!!"" But-"" but nothing you just walked away so bye pretty boys have fun in your dream life that was my dream but no you guys have it so go day to you guys" I walk away and then started running and crying but I checked my self and put on some mascara and walked to my party.  


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