I'm sorry

This story is about a young girl named Gabi she loves one direction. one day she came home what did she see? What did she say? I hope u like the storie my first story xxxxxxx


2. My morning

This morning I woke up and I went to my window and opened it and said "what a beautiful day" last day of school!!!!!! I smelled my favorite food "pancakes" I jumped off of my bed and went straight down stairs and there was my cousin Ciarra and my mom and dad I said my good mornings and I walked upstairs. I got ready and raced down the stairs I heard the bus coming I said my goodbyes and raced to the bus. I got on my bus and there was my bffl Allison and Nadia waiting for me to come. "Hey" i said " hey" they said " so did u here that one direction is coming to are town" I said " OMG ARE U KIDING ME OMG OMG" Nadia said so loud that like the whole bus and the car next to use heard. We got to the school and a couple of boys and girls came up to say that I was a slut and whore also stupid. I just laughed and laughed they where staring at me like I was crazy but the truth is I did not care. 

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 7 hours later x xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


finally I'm going home summer here I come and my date is with the pool. I got on the bus to pick the first seat that was empty. A girl with brown hair and blue eyes came up to me and sat next to me she just took out her phone and asked me do I like one direction I said "YES""really cool and you know they are coming to are town right" " OH HELL YEA I LOVE THOUSE GUYS" she just laugh and then we came to my bus stop and I had to go I said bye to her and she just gave me a devilish look. 

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