I'm sorry

This story is about a young girl named Gabi she loves one direction. one day she came home what did she see? What did she say? I hope u like the storie my first story xxxxxxx



When I got home I walked in to my house and I walk right to the kitchen "hey mom" I said she just looked at the living room I walked to the living room and I saw one direction. "Hi one direction" and I was about to walk upstairs then I dropped dead in my tracks and turned around very slowly and I sow the cures faces ever I stopped and took out my phone and texted Nadia " hey girl U HAVE TO COME OVER HERE NOW" then she texted back and I heard a knock on the door it was Allison and I sow Nadia running " I got your text what happened?" I grabbed her arm and walked to the living room " so now you know why I texted you so fast" " lets take this outside" I walk outside and we all screamed to the top or are lungs and sang one direction songs once we stopped fangirling we did are hand shake that was the cup song. When we where done I felt pairs of eyes on me. I turned around and it was Ciarra one direction and Nadia's and Allison's parents we said are goodbyes and left that spot outside. I when inside with five boys on my side and Ciarra in front I just screamed " you go bodyguard" they looked at me confused and then knew what I was yelling about and splitter there ways. " so why FEELS is one direction here they said that I needed a babysitter. " what I don't need a babysitter I am 18 and now out of school!!"  I was staring at all of them but what confused me is that Niall and Harry are just like checking me out. When I sow my parents they said that they had to go to Quito for my cousins birthday party and also said that I am coming tomorrow with them also one direction and Ciarra .    

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