first love

id been in love before, but not like this...liam payne really is my first love


1. let me tell you about my life...

 You could say I was just another normal teenage girl,always with a smile on her face...but deep down I was different. Some would say i'm emo because I cut, but they don't no my reason...i'm sure you would to if you lived in a house filled with the smell of alcohol and cigarettes ,ashes and blood everywhere,a mother that's constantly drunk and beating the shit out of you; And a dad that left you when you where little for some slut 10 years younger.I go home everyday just wondering what today will hold,burns,beatings,maybe being locked in the bathroom with chemicals everywhere forcing you to breathe it until your about to die,it's all happened before; Sometimes I wish I could talk to someone about it, but no of course not,mother would kill me literally, if I dare said  anything that could get her endanger with the law and could possibly get me taken away and put into foster care,well enough of my life, I should tell you about myself. My name is Kyla Joleen Wray, my father's name from what my mother has told me when shes sober is Graham Wray, and my mother's name is Laci Wray,I have blonde hair and blue eyes my ex boyfriend's name is Adam wilkinson, one of the school jocks; With a huge collection of girlfriends

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