first love

id been in love before, but not like this...liam payne really is my first love


6. gym

Its been about a month since the date with Liam,have been hanging out alot lately so I'm sure he'll ask me out I had gym and it did not go well"Okay ladies today we're  going to be doing gymnastics"coach Perkins said. We all got into a line  going in order from the first person to the last. One of the popular kids Jeane Hampton decided to ruin my day

"So Kyla I heard you went on a date with that gay guy from One Direction...oh wait there all gay"she said

"He's not gay Jeane non of them are"I replied

"Whatever, but what would he see in you? Your just an anorexic suicidal slut". My heart started to race

"I am not!"I shouted

"Oh really? Then what's up with all the scars on you and the fact that you never eat?"she questioned

"It's none of your business Jeane, and how am I a slut?"

"You just are because you just like your mom"

"You don't even know anything about my mom!"

"I know that she tried to kill you, people say it's a crime, but I say she was just doing the right thing trying to get rid of you, no one likes you  you try to be cool by dating a gay pop star but it doesn't work" she said; that was it I couldn't help it I lunged at her pushing her to the ground. I beat the shit out of her and then I got sent to the principle's office, my dad had to come and pick me up and I got suspended


"Kyla what was that?"he asked on the car ride home

"Jeane was comparing me to mom she called me a slut and anorexic and suicidal, she said mom was doing the world a favor by trying to kill me"I burst out in tears.

"Kyla you know its not true"

"It is true dad! I'm just another mistake, I don't deserve to be here on this earth mom should've just killed me!"I screamed.

"She called Liam gay just because he's in a boy band"I mumbled

"Stop listening to what people say about you and the people that matter to you, to them you're a target because they know they can push you over the edge and you wouldn't try to stop them" "they just want to prove they have power over what you do"dad said. The rest of the car ride was silent. We got home about an hour later and I rushed into the bathroom looking for anything sharp, I found a pair of scissors and without thinking cut my neck. Next time I woke up I was in the hospital I had to get stitches and of course the doctors want me to go to rehab because they think I have a problem; what if Liam finds out? hopefully he won't,I don't want him to think i'm crazy or just another suicidal anorexic slut like everyone else does.

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