first love

id been in love before, but not like this...liam payne really is my first love


5. date

  It's been a couple of weeks since the concert, in that time I've started school and therapy, I decided to give Liam a call to see if he wanted to hang out or maybe go on a date sometime.

Liam: hello

Me: hey Liam it's Kyla the girl you met at the concert

Liam: oh yeah I remember that do how are you

Me: good you?

Liam: good, sorry I haven't called i've been really busy with the band but since I have the day off wanna go on a date maybe later tonight?

Me: sure that's actually why I was calling

Liam: really? Wow I guess great minds really do think alike

Me: I guess so

Liam: so ill pick you up at 7?

Me; sounds good, see you tonight Li

Liam: bye

Now I have to find the perfect outfit and makeup and make myself look decent since this might be my only chance at love and I really don't want to blow it because that would just be bloody horrible. Okay so let's start with what I know Liam would like, okay so  his favorite color is purple, he likes plaid, he hates spoons,..... Okay I have nothing to wear mall time!; I rushed into my dads bedroom and took some money out of his wallet hopefully he won't notice that there's about 100 pounds missing...well its an emergency and he said to take money if it's  an emergency, a date with Liam Payne is an emergency so too bad for daddy. I rushed to my car and drove to the mall, I went into what seemed like hundreds of stores, until I saw a dress that caught my eye. It was a beautiful purple dress with a plaid belt. It was perfect I couldn't believe how magnificent it was. I bought it without hesitation. When I got home I put the dress on did my hair and makeup and made sure everything was perfect, at about 6:30 I went downstairs to wait for Liam. My dad was in the living room and saw me.

"So that's where my 100 pounds went to isn't it?"he asked

"It was an emergency..."

"mmhmm sure , so who's the guy?"he asked

"pfft what? I'm not going on a date or anything..."

"Kyla, I might've borne at night but it wasn't last night"

"Dude that's so old!"

"I am old sweety deal with it" I rolled my eyes at that. Someone knocked at the door

"Ill get it!"

I opened the door and there was Liam, tall and handsome.

"Hi"I said

"Wow Kyla you look-"

'Horrible I know"

"No actually I was gonna say amazing"

"Oh, well then thanks"I blushed

"You're going on a date with a guy from that boy band? How in the hell did you manage that?"dad said from behind me

"Liam this is my dad, that will be going now"

"Okay okay geez I'm going"he said and walked away, Liam laughed

"He's so embarrassing"I mumbled

"That's how dads are, now come-on lets go"Liam said and held out his hand for me, I grabbed it and we walked to his car

"I didn't know you could drive"I said

"Really? And to think your a directioner "he said sarcastically. We drove to this fancy restaurant, it was amazing.

"Wow Liam last date I went on being in a pizza place after being trapped in a -...nevermind"

"Tell me"

"It's nothing okay, I really don't wanna talk about it.." I can't believe I just did that I can't let Liam find out about my mom and everything that happened back home. I saw Liam looking at my arm, I was confused until I realized why; the scars... I quickly hid my arm under the table hoping he wouldn't say anything

"Okay what's with the scars...?"he asked

"ummm nothing..."

"Kyla come on tell me"

'Liam its nothing okay its just...its nothing"; the rest of the date was pretty good and I really hope we could go on another one sometime.


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