first love

id been in love before, but not like this...liam payne really is my first love


3. Dad?!

 When I got off the plane and arrived at the house I was supposed to be staying at I saw a man standing there with a smile on his face, Why does that look so familiar?

"Remember me?"He asked.


"Yep"He smiled. I turned to run away, why would they make me stay with the guy that abandoned me and left me with my drunken mother?!

"Honey, I know I made a mistake abandoning you but please give me a chance, besides who would you rather live with for the next year me or a stranger, I mean come on its only a year your 17 you can move out when your 18"he said, well he does have a point there.

"Well, I guess your right, fine I'll stay but don't bother trying to act like a father to me because you never will be"

"Fair enough"he smiled, we went inside and showed me around the house

"So where's the slut?"I asked 

"Oh Jamie? She's long gone"he replied

"Wow and you didn't get her knocked up? Or had you just abandoned her like you did with me?"I asked, slightly irritated 

"No actually I didn't" he replied

"Okay so I know I have-not been a father to you at all so I'm hoping my present will change that..."he said

"Dad, you can't bribe me with presents!"

"I got you One Direction concert tickets" 

"OMG THANK YOU !!!!!!"I screamed. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad after all

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