first love

id been in love before, but not like this...liam payne really is my first love


8. Couple alert?

Liam and I were walking down the street holding hands after our second date. Liam took me out for pizza, I know I know not exactly date quality but we already had gone on a fancy date so what's the point?; after the date me and Liam went back to my house and were in the living room watching tv we were watching E!  News when all of a sudden a picture of us popped up on the screen 

"Couple alert?, looks so since earlier today Liam Payne from one direction was spotted out with local high school student Kyla Wray, looks like the fans might have some competition against the 17 year old who seems to have stole 19 years old Liam's heart"the host said

"How did get pictures of us? No one was around!"I said

"More importantly, you're only 17?!'Liam said

"Yeah! Now back to the pictures! How did they get that?"

"What does it matter, I kind of like the rumor that were a couple"Liam said

"Really? I mean 2 year age gap isn't it like illegal when you're 20 and I'm 18 for us to date?"I laughed

"I don't think so, me and Dani never got in trouble for it and I started dating her when she was 22"Liam replied.

"What you like the rumor?"

"Yeah..."Liam replied

"So you mean you wanna date me...?"I asked

"Well...yeah"Liam replied

"So are you gonna ask me out...?"

"Not yet I want it to be romantic"Liam replied

"you really are the romantic one in the band"

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