first love

id been in love before, but not like this...liam payne really is my first love


4. Concert

I left  for the concert dad had gotten me back stage passes witch is absolutely amazing I wouldn't believe it when he showed them to me, When I got there I went backstage and accidently bumped into Liam...oops!

"Sorry I wasn't watching where I was going"I said embarrassed

"Don't worry love its alright"he replied and helped me off the floor, our eyes met and we stood there for minutes just staring into each others eyes

'You have beautiful eyes"Liam said, I blushed a dark shade of red

'Y-you do to"I stuttered. Then Paul came over to tell Liam it was time for the show, he gave me his number and went on stage. The concert was amazing and of course to make it all better I got to meet One Direction!; After the concert as I was walking to my car Liam came out to me and asked me if I'd like to go on a proper date with him sometime, what a gentlemen; Of course I said yes. So in 2 weeks I went from being the suicidal teen to the possible future girlfriend of a pop star? Wow dreams really do come true.

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